The name of each Dream Daemon instance in the taskbar now includes the port number used for hosting (Windows only).
Applies to:Dream Daemon
Status: Resolved (481)

This issue has been resolved.
Would it be possible to have some way of naming the DreamDaemon instances, or at least being able to set their description in the task manager? I have quit a few DreamDaemon's running on my server, because it hosts a lot of games, and when one has problems causing a memory leak of some sort, it would be nice to know exactly which game it was that had the problem, right now all of them say "dreamdaemon*32" with the description "dreamdaemon.exe"

If one of them has a problem, short of just clicking it and ending it's task and waiting to see which one disappears, there's no way to really tell which game it was exactly that caused it.

** Naming them manually would be better than an automatic name based on the game hosted, because some of them are the same game hosted multiple times.
I think an automatic combination of the port and file name would work best
Right now we actually have the name being altered based on the game hosted, or at least the .dmb file. It shows up this way in my task manager, taskbar, and tray. For instance if I host SotS II, I see the task listed as "Stickster2.dmb - DreamDaemon" because the DD window name has been set. If you're not seeing that I'd probably need more info.

However that still doesn't conform to what you're requesting, and I think you do have a sensible request. I can look at improving the name displayed in the window to see if it has easy access to that information.
I've added an improved window title to the new version, so that it will say the name of the .dmb followed by the port it's hosting on. This doesn't sound like it'll impact your task manager issue, which could be a bug (maybe something we need to configure when dealing with your particular version of Windows?), but it's an improvement over the old so I'm marking this as resolved for now.

I realize this does not address the wish to name the process manually, although with the issue you're seeing that's probably moot anyway.
Actually, right now I'm running v479.1086 which is likely why it hasn't changed to show the name of the dmb file instead. However, showing the port as well would help drastically because we keep track of all the ports that the games are hosted on.

The games in question are actually NEStalgia, since multiple servers of it run on the same box. We keep the ports for each server the same, so we know what port is for which server.

I will be updating the servers to the latest BYOND tonight though, so I'll reply back again once I've done this to let you know.
The naming behavior in DD didn't change in 480 so I think the issue you're seeing is something with your operating system, which I'm guessing is Vista or 7 64-bit. There might be a taskbar setting you can use to retrieve the proper window name of each task in the list.
I'm running Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit

Could you tell me what OS you were using when you did see this? I don't see it in Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit either.
Oh, I'm also talking about the processes tab, not the Applications tab.

Applications tab does how up as name.dmb - Dream Daemon

Processes tab lets me see all users, and has an Image Name (dreamdaemon.exe*32) and a Description(dreamdaemon.exe).
I'm not aware of a way to change the image name and description on the processes tab for an individual process. I actually think that would constitute a security breach as it would allow malicious programs to hide themselves. What you probably need is an alternate task manager that can connect the window name to the task, which would give you more information.