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Now that BYOND Membership is live, I'm pleased to announce that Elation is the first recipient of the Deadron Donations.

Why? Because I like his blog, look forward to what he has to say, and appreciate his participation with other people's sites.

I'm keeping an eye out for who will be next...
Many thanks!
Too bad you can't give to yourself!
That's pretty nice. Maybe I'll see if I can pay for your next year's membership/extend your membership by a year.
You should check out mine :).
And because he added you to his friends listing. ;)
What if you pick somebody who already paid? Would they get an extra year added on?
I'll check with Mike to make sure, but yeah I expect a donation would extend it. If not, I'm sure we'll make it so!
Yep, buying extra subscriptions just extends the Membership by another year. You can pay for the next 20 years now if you buy 20 times!
You smooth marketer you!
What happens if you buy tons now while the free trial is going on? Would you +6 months everytime.
Er, make that a ? at the end.
Congratulations, Elation!

And, no, I don't really think so, Ol' Yeller. I think you can only do that for the first year.