Happy Passover to the jewish people of BYOND.
Q:What is the differance between a Jew and a Pizza?

A:The Pizza dosen't scream when you cook it in a oven.
So, Shades is banned from my blog now.

What did the little nazi get for christmas?

A G.I.Jew and an easy bake oven!
I'm basically banning anyone w/ a negative comment about jews:-(
*Insert negative comment about Jewish people* <_< >_>

Seriously, though, those kind of racial jokes don't belong on a public forum with a large amount of underage players (and possibly Jewish people).
/me <3 Mobius. Yay Mobius.
Report them to dantom...
Yeah. I did, doubt anything will happen though :-)
Its not there first time for doing something like that... maybe
Q: what is the difference between Shades, spammers, and neo-nazis?

A: none - all contain a complete lack of socially-redeeming value, and generally are found at the bottom of a very shallow gene-pool (which is mostly evaporated).
Digi just owned them, yay for Digi <3
Jewish nigger
What the hell is wrong with some people? RougePix, what are you 8 years old or something? Or is that just your brain cell count?

There is asolutely no call for this crap. It's not like this is some rant about how Jews are better than everyone else or something. No, it's just a pleasant holiday message to those celebrating a time of year sacred to them.

I also wish everyone a happy passover! (And wish I had a holiday which required the tradition of four cups :-))
Yay for Jmurph. Yay.

One thing though, I don't think passover is a festive holiday, I mean we are celebrating not being slaves anymore, but constantly during the meal we are "supposed" to look back and think about how our ancestors suffered,
Happy Passover!
Thanks Ela!
To Life! L'chaim!
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