Currently The Newest Design of the Edo Shogun Palace
Closer Look At The Palace. With New Interface (Still fixing up)
The Cast! With New Interface

Please Comment and share your thoughts about interface. I am still working on both the map and the interface.
There is no me in here. What is this!?!?!?!
Nice!! but the only thing i don't really like is the *inventory* its to small which makes it hard to see what you have equipped
atm Im recoding the inventory so It displays items in a different format. The new interfere will be a set size and it cannot be resized.
The interface looks excellent, one thing I would have changed was the large "How to Play" button. It's pretty invasive, perhaps only display it on a player's first login, or move it to a smaller area.
The inventory also looks a bit cramped, it may only be on that resolution though.
Ahh the help button. It was made as a inside joke when new players didnt know how to play and the Help guide pop up when you logged in. So I made it a button that stood out lol so whenever someone asked. "How to Play" i would say "Big Red Button" hhaha
Cie was up and i wasn't there to be on?! Damnit!
Lol i love this can't wait till CIE returns that will be the happiest day of my life so far xD
its upgrades but perfecto
I see water coming out of the Building T.T ...... is there any physics behind that >_>?
I want cie.. now.. please? =3
This CIE isnt done yet. But Im bringing back the large world map like back in open alpha, removing Tottori and just having Yokohama and Edo. Having Yokohama as the poorer estate and Edo being the rich/middle class. Stats may not be gain but earned. (RP battles, Joining into events.) To promote rp <--- This is still being debated or I might just have it so everyone has the same stats, just lowered when you are damaged.
Would be awesome if there's no such thing as training, just only skill in fighting so power gaming wouldn't exist, making everyone RP at all times.
Everything looks okay, other than the statpanel. Which is quite ugly. There also might be a little bit too much information in the middle panel.
So Ready for CIE :D Definitely like the new interface, but I'm curious about the little stickfigure people...
I jizzed.