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Hello, I am Kumorii - An eager developer who utilized the BYOND Suite to develop a diverse, multi-player Pokémon fan-game in which the player is a Pokémon - Not a trainer.

Details -

Project Name: Pokémon Starlight
Engine: BYOND
Genre: Adventure / RPG / Leisure
Developer(s): Kumorii & Lightcall-Skeleton

Goal -

Ever notice that there aren't very many multi-player Pokémon games that break off from the generic 'I'm a trainer! I need to be the champion of the [x] region while also capturing all 9001 Pokémon!'?
Well, Pokémon Starlight(PSl for short) is aimed to provide a new multi-player experience for the Pokémon fan. Not only does it feature a full-length story mode with multi-player support, but it also features a controlled Capture The Flag mode and a Build Mode. Odds are, you want some details on the features, right? Here you go!

Modes -

With three different game modes, it's expected to have a vast collection of features spread among the three modes. I will go over the three modes and the estimated release date of each one. When the player first connects to the server, he/she will be presented with a login window that lists the three different modes. Classic, Build, and CtF (Capture the Flag). Clicking the desired option will connect the player to the server that particular mode is hosted on.

  • Classic Mode-
    Classic Mode is the heart of the entire project. Classic Mode features a full-length storyline that will (hopefully) provide the player with hours of entertainment. What's the storyline?
    The opening will be a controlled single-player cutscene where the player(as a human) is running about on Sunset Island(where the protagonist lives) accomplishing tasks for his mother. These tasks work as a tutorial because while running the errands, the player is taught the commands and basic controls (macros, etc). However, a storm will begin to roll in, leaving the player to take shelter in a cave until the storm passes. However- while inside the cave, the player is presented with a cutscene in which a Dusknoir traps the player in a dream state. In this dream state, the player is in the form of a Pokémon. The species the player becomes is randomly selected from a pre-set list, but in order to please players(and provide an extra purpose of game play), we established a system that we call the 'Sticker System'.

    The sticker system is a system in which the player can change their species at any time using an acquired sticker. These stickers are obtained by defeating the appropriate Pokémon(defeat Wurmple for a Wurmple sticker, etc.). However, to add more chance(and frustration..) there is a 50/50 chance of obtaining the sticker from the defeated Pokémon. Even less of a chance for rare or legendary Pokémon.

    Anyway, the player's goal is to find his or her way back to Sunset Island where the player can hopefully find some clues as to what happened and how they can return to a human form. Only vaguely reminiscent of PMD games. ;) However, with the game being a multi-player environment, friends can form parties(with a party system) so they can help each other progress. Oh, yes; cutscenes will be adjusted to accommodate more than one player. The cap for a single party will be five players.

  • Build Mode-
    Build Mode will allow players to build their own environment using a vast assortment of preset tiles(or custom ones..) and with this mode being as free-lanced and customizable as it is, it's expected to be the popular place for avid role players. Especially with the feature that allows players to change their icon. This mode is expected to be the first mode released of the three, sometime within the next month.

  • CtFMode-
    CtF(Capture the Flag) Mode is a controlled Capture the Flag server which separates players into two even teams and generates a randomized map for players to traverse through to the apposing teams flag. Tagging is automated so all that needs to be done is bump into an enemy player for them to be 'out'. When a player is tagged, they can watch another player as they play.

    Something of our own twist that's thrown into the game is the use of traps.
    Traps can be purchased using money earned in Classic Mode (or from winning CtF matches). Traps are purchased from an NPC in the lobby before the game begins and can be deployed during the match through an on-screen menu. This will likely be the second mode released. Estimated to be a month(at most) behind the previous release.

    Features -

  • Legit formulas
    -Legit formulas for determining statistics such as health, experience, and attack damage.
    players on any single server.
  • Three enjoyable game modes
    -Did you read the stuff above? ;p

    Seeing as the game is pretty early in development, there aren't many screenshots to share. ]:

    Credit -

    Kumorii- Programming, concept.
    Lightcall-Skeleton- Concept, overworld effects.


    Comments, ideas appreciated! [: