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v1.38 Update
All NEStalgia servers have been updated to v1.38, which has allowed us to finally offload the character creation process to external servers. This change should dramatically reduce lag on all servers. Version 1.38 Notes:
  • Bug Fix: There was a small mapping error in the Arctic Overworld.
  • Players creating a new character will now be transferred to an external character creation server. This should help to drastically reduce lag on all servers.
  • Additional autosave points have been added in order to help alleviate savefile rollbacks during the rare event of a server crash.
  • Server names are now displayed in the title bar of the main game window
  • A large moderation team has been appointed to monitor and keep the peace on all servers.
Spiff of Silk Games is solely responsible for the new character creation servers, and he deserves a standing ovation for his efforts!

Server merges incoming!
Now that character creation lag is not going to be an issue, we can begin to combine many of the smaller servers to create much larger and more populous servers. First up are Mardeck, Efrain and Cornelia. Please see this post on the Silk Games forums for details on the merge:

SERVER MERGE: Mardeck + Efrain + Cornelia

We're still not ready to start taking individual savefile transfer requests. Our hope is to get those up and running next week.

For players on the Reddit server...
The Reddit server has not been updated yet. That server is privately hosted by Airjoe, and Silk Games has no control over it. According to the players on that server, Airjoe has apparently been MIA for the past few days. I'm sure that he's just busy, but hopefully he'll return at some point this weekend to give that server a much needed restart and update to v1.38.

If Airjoe decides that he no longer wants to host or feels that he can't be around often enough to maintain the Reddit server as needed, we can definitely work on merging those savefiles onto an official server.

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Airjoe is around, just very busy with personal life. I have received your e-mail and will work on getting this set up tonight.
Airjoe wrote:
Airjoe is around, just very busy with personal life. I have received your e-mail and will work on getting this set up tonight.

As someone whose personal life has a tendency to get super busy and interrupt everything else, I totally understand -- I just wanted to reassure the Reddit players that I was on top of the situation :)
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