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This is where i let ppl know that im the 1st or 1 of the first to use these names for my charter on some games Natsu,Yuto,Chaos,kyuurai,kyuutai,Zatch

Guild Names and titles

The Fallen Angels = (The Fallen Angels of Heaven)

Ranks and titles

The Fallen God = Leader

1st Sphere Seraphim co leaders

in charge of giving or handing down orders from higher ups.

hunts down traders and makes anyone who goes against the guild regret it.

their job is to regulate the duties of the other Angels and ensure that The Fallen God's wishes are carried out.

the Angels that are in charge of bring in good members and takes out the bad.

their job is to prevent the other guilds from taking out the guild and keeping the members in balance. They are also seen as the Angels of birth and death.

the Guardian Angels of the guild, guards the higher ups and fights against the atk of other guilds.

the best known of all Angels. They carry God's important messages to other players/guilds. They also command God's armies of Angels in the battles with the other guilds.

the lowest ranking Celestial Beings of the guild. They act as intermediaries between the Almighty and others also in charge of scouting for new members . Often called the Guardian Angels of the guild cause they take the front line.

The Forbidden Breed

Vaizard Knights (guild version)
is a group of the main force in the guild they are a heavy hit unit they are to attack and leave the place in ruin that are realized as co leaders but are also known as a forbidden war unit.

Shinigami (guild version)
is a rank of players that act as enforcers of the guild. players who all share similar rank and power in the guild. They are members with a high level of trust and power in the guild recruited from the ranks of the players in other guilds and players with a known rep. Like all members they hold a vote in what goes in the guild. Enforcers use their powers to enforce the rules and will of the leader/guild. Enforcers also use their powers to fight the ones who dare betray the guild or the enforcers by any means they will be hunted.

Arrancar (guild version)
is a Hollow that has been given a title by the guild being realize as its race. Arrancars are an assassin rank that takes out anyone that needs to be taken out of the game. Following the target/player of the to keep up on there power gain and new guild if becoming to strong all of the guild will train for not to fall behind and the target will become a main target and must be taken down as many times as needed.Also known as equals in rank and power to the vaizard.

Hollow (guild version)
are a rank of the guild members which are to work under higher rank hollow members.To carry out the orders of the higher ups.

Quincy (guild version)
are a line of players that fight with range Quincy are the snipers of the guild. They use their ability to get info on the target and report back. These ranked players are to be spies for the guild to go and steal info on other guilds. The majority of them are to be a fast acting strike unit that does a fast but minimum damage to the target or deliver a warning.

Bounts (guild version)
are a group of guild members that take on the bounty of other player to ean money for the guild. Bounts are a 1 of a kind rank no members know what they do but they sever under the leaders orders and no other.

Souls (guild version)
are a normal member that is a null meaning it is in no real rank or are a trail bases

Tōjū (guild version)
are a unit that go its own way but still are under the guild rules they are sent attack the enemy till they are died or recalled.

Blood's Assassins

Ranks and titles

Blood Lord (Leader)

Blood's elite assassin (co-leader)

Blood's crimson blade (Attack Unit)

Blood's crimson shield (guard Unit)

Blood's shadow blade (spy and strike Unit)

Blood's unknown eyes (scout and search)

All guilds was made over a year ago. This info goes for for the keys Kirbymaster009 and Heavenly Wing Thx.