Poll: Name Change?

Yes 70% (31)
No 29% (13)

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I would like to know if you guys would like a name change for the game. As the game isnt really based on samurai champloo. I was thinking it would be an completely original title. If you like to change the name what names do you have in mind??
Samurai Story , Samurai's Crhonicles
Could i suggest something else? New admin team, but more of a democracy. No offense, but when all the events are made by you, they aren't always the best. Some are good, but the majority i've seen were just 'war,war,war,war,war,war,war.'
You could take the Champloo out and leave it at Ikou Era.

Or think of a theme or category it falls under and use that. Can't pitch you anything specifically as I don't work on the game.

@Yago1gavito: You mean the opposite of Shinobi Story? Or it's rip: Shinobi Chronicles? Wouldn't be a great idea.

@MitsushiEchizen: This has been said before, it's better to just pitch event ideas until they're willing to find a different team.
I like what Yago Said Samurai Stories soundz pretty good if you ask me
Champloo: Built Era
Or how about... hmmpp Samurai's Legacy ... i like the Samurai Stories but apparently the name is ripped from Shinobi Story....
Thata pretty decent name to Yago i might have to add your msn just in case i need some names for a future game ^^
Lol Ampro add me
The forums are gonna' have to be renamed as well...

As for a name, I think something relative to that time would be great. A list of good names would be;
Legend of Samurai (Cheesy.)
Ikou Era (Taking out Champloo.)
Blade Masters (Also Cheesy.)
Legend of the Ikou Era (1 & 2)
Legend of the Blade Masters (1 & 3)
Ikou Era Lore (Meh.)

I recommend something with Ikou, so that the forums won't have to be renamed xD.
SuperAntx wrote:
Champloo: Built Era

I like this, built games are good.
"The History of Japan" That culd work
oooo i got it! "The brutal Legend of Ikou"
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