Disk Space:
542.42 MB of 50 GB used / 49.47 GB free
114.65 MB of 2 GB used / 1.89 GB free
32.17 GB of 1.56 TB used / 1.53 TB free

My server specs, currently hosting 3 games lol.

Anyone else want a host feel free to give me a shout. :)

Current Games Hosted:
Dragon Ball Z Generation 2
DragonBall: Eternal Power

I will not constantly update the game every half an hour, so make sure you actually add some content that's worth having an update for.
Nay for some of the currently hosted games.
Like I said, I'll host anyting, not bothered which game it is.
I would like to reserve a spot for hosting please and thank you. Sometime later today I should have my files done and updated.
Host GTAonline if you can. I have trouble with finding pixel artist so maybe when players get to play the game, there will be someone willing to help.
can you plase host a 24/7 server for me