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Tomorrow (Saturday the 12th) we are hosting a round of PvP Tournaments on several servers. If your server is not host to a PvP Tournament tomorrow, then it will be either on Sunday or early next week. So far we've got two tournaments scheduled, but we'll be adding more (and editing this blog post to reflect the additions) as the evening goes on.

3/12/2011 PvP Tournament: ZENITHIA
1:00pm PST
Sign ups:

3/12/2011 PvP Tournament: ALGOL
1:00pm PST
Sign ups:

3/12/2011 PvP Tournament: NORWOOD
3:00pm PST
Sign ups:

We are only holding a tournament for a single bracket: You must be level 28 or above to enter. Either watching or participating in official tournaments like this will net you valuable Colosseum Emblems which are good for the purchase of special items.

About the PvP rewards system

In the future we will be doing cross server tournaments, as well as holding them much more often. An automated "King of the Hill" bi-weekly tournament system is also in the works. More details on all of that later!

Official PvP Tournaments use a single-elimination bracket. Based upon the number of entries in the tournament, some teams may be randomly chosen to skip the first round, or to fight in a 'qualification' round. Each match is played as best 2 out of 3. The first team to win 2 battles advances, and the losing team is eliminated.

Players may carry and use consumable items, although they will not be given the opportunity to acquire more in between battles in the middle of a match. Anyone can participate, including staff members. Anyone who isn't present when the tournament begins will forfeit their match

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