Well most people probably already know about the earthquake that hit Japan last night, but if you didn't - Here's the summary.
Last night a magnitude 8.9 earthquake shook Japan. The epicenter was just off the shore of the northeast side of the island. The earthquake did a lot of damage and there have been over 50 aftershocks so far. Doing just as much damage were the tsunamis that struck the island shortly after the earthquake. Hawaii even received rough waves(10-feet), although they didn't do too much damage(that I know of..). Thousands of people died and in some descriptions there were "hundreds of dead people floating in the water."

Am I the only one noticing the recent increase in earthquakes over the past couple years? Maybe 2012's magnetic reversal is getting ready(yeah, controversy. trololol).
regardless, please pray for the wounded people and for those who lost their family or loved ones. If you're not religious, at least give a moment of silence.

Anyway this was just a quick blog post so I'll catch you guys later.

Apparently, the creator of Naruto is still missing, possibly dead.

At least one good thing could come out of this earthquake.
That would be amazing..
Terrible to say, but amazing..
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