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Me and a friend of mine are making a new game, It's a Fantasy RPG game. But the problem is.....we have no name for the game! We need your suggestion for a name!
You got something against ninjas diving out of the sky?
It's about a war between 2 groups. Good and Bad guys(Don't have a name for the group yet). With race's like "Human, Elf's and Orc's", They will go in the group by their actions in-game(Something with Honor).

Something like that...D:
World of Honorcraft
Runes of Honor
Honor Bound.
The Kingdom of Honor.
Honor of the Land.
Honor my lady.
Death by Honor.
No Honor, No life.
An abundance of Honor.
Destruction of Honor.
No Honor for weaklings.
Warriors of Honor.
Men with Honor.

I'm not very good at this. T_T.
"Kingdom of Honor" sounds good! I'll post more details later. Thanks you guys for suggestions!
ohh you decide one of my names, i'm so ... honored T_T!. :D anyway np lol
The Honor of the Fallen
Fantasy Quest
Honor Ball Z
Whiskey Tits