Im looking for a weapon to icon for the game's new release. It needs to be an original concept (Your own.) There are a few limits to the weapon. It needs to fit these requirements.
- Needs to be a Single Handed Weapon (exceptions. Pole arms, Long swords.) It cant be something like Ikkau's bankai or something, because that wont fit on the base or Nun chunks. Basically anything that doesn't uses a sword technique of swinging.
- Original Concept
- Colours / Alt Colours
- Name
- What is it made of?

I would really love to see some original concept art for weapons. Maybe I add in more then one =D, you will be credited for your work.
you can use bladed glove thats brown and silver,the glove itself is wooden with leathr underneath,it has 3 steel blades on the knuckles