Im looking for a weapon to icon for the game's new release. It needs to be an original concept (Your own.) There are a few limits to the weapon. It needs to fit these requirements.
- Needs to be a Single Handed Weapon (exceptions. Pole arms, Long swords.) It cant be something like Ikkau's bankai or something, because that wont fit on the base or Nun chunks. Basically anything that doesn't uses a sword technique of swinging.
- Original Concept
- Colours / Alt Colours
- Name
- What is it made of?

I would really love to see some original concept art for weapons. Maybe I add in more then one =D, you will be credited for your work.
that long sword sephiroth uses or the sword sol badguy uses take ya pick dats my name don ware it out bai
Wish more people would share =(
I suspect you're doing it the wrong way around. We'd need a game to play before deciding what a neat weapon for the game might be.
I would share but i can't think of anything that might be useful to your game atm..sorry :(
Im Guessing it will be extremly cool i you could add... like dual welding i meand a weapon that is a let's say a big sword... at the time like a really big one... and it can be devided to pieces like * Takes one sword from the Mechanical Sword.. * something like that Mechanical Sword that is made of 5 diffeent types of swords.. and you can tear it i mean take each sword out depending on situation like theres 2 long sword and you take them out for long range combat or 1 dagger for close range and speed or 1 common katana for mid range or just the mechanical sword... for all types of combat it would be made of 4 different sword ( 2 long swords , 1 dagger , 1 simple katana) it will look gray with black stipes ( the stripes to devide sword ) and the grip would be dark brown :) that would be awsome!
Name:Lame de lumière [Blade Of Light]

Type of Sword: Rapier

Attack Style: Thrust/Swing

Descriptions:A beautifully crafted weapon made in a foreign country. Made of the finest steel when the light of the sun hits the steel of the blade it refracts in beautifully creating a multi colored rainbow light that surrounds the blade and blinds all who look at it. They is an engraving on the blade that spells its name. The hilt of the blade is made of pure gold extravagantly crafted.

Color Scheme: The blade it self is made of steel and as such its silver in color. he engraving is a a darker shade of grey. The Hit is made of true gold and as such is gold in color. It can have an icon state in which the blade is surrounded in a multicolored light.

Hilt made of GOLD
Blade made of STEEL

Maybe that Huge sword Cloud uses..
A halberd.
(Note. Some zooming in may be required to properly enjoy this image. (Actually some full-screening!(After saving it and using a picture viewer!)))

This. The Iiruu. (the pick.)
Have you ever been hit with a pick that had eyes stare into your soul? Have you ever mined stone with an eel speared on a skewer? Have you ever sat in the dessert wishing you could shave off bits of your weapon into awesome unagi nigiri? We have the Iiruu! The #1 in smiling weaponry, and theres more! Your gonna love my nuts!
Made out of: 1 bladed serrated one handed short spear. 1 mud soaked eel.

The Wheeruu. (A hammer/net.)
When not fishing for kelp, Whalnda the whale likes slapping samurai off her feet and latching onto their faces as they scream in terror. Her mouth that does not seem to be able to close also doubles as a fishing net! Now with a steel rod born straight through her, but ignore the moaning Whalnda may emit, they are not her whalescreaming in pain, as only 7 whale babies were killed in the making of this weapon!
High end hammer that stuns unarmored foes. Also a fishing net.
Made of: 1 studded steel rod. 1 Pregnant whale.