Being the geek that I am, I came up with a few simple game ideas relating to geology, algebra, geometry, and basic genetics.
The initial idea that sparked my thought was a game that I think would be pretty entertaining(if done right..) is a game that would be called Epicenter.
Being inspired by the recent earthquake in Japan(aren't I terrible?), I wanted to know if anybody would play a game like this.

Project Details:

Epicenter would be a generic game in which you would have to locate the epicenter of an earthquake in a given time limit. If you don't know how to locate the epicenter of an earthquake, than you could be taught by a tutorial. Hell - Creative enough I could throw in a basic storyline(Trauma Center games, anybody?). It was just an idea that I wanted to get some input on. I think I could pull it off pretty well and if I'm lucky, replace minesweeper as the "Bored Man's Game". ANYWAY, just an idea. Opinions?

An earthquake really starts at what is called the "focus," which is actually beneath the surface of the earth. The epicenter is the point of the surface of the earth that is directly above the focus. The focus generally occurs near or on convergent boundaries and divergent boundaries.
I know geology. Don't fuck with me.
Too soon, dude.

Too soon.
\/ too soon.