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Unfortunately, the time that I had planned to spend finishing up the Black Sanctum this weekend was instead devoted to quelling player angst over the new PvP/PvE server designations. I'm not blaming the players for the delay - I should have anticipated some of the community issues and planned my game development schedule accordingly.

My new release target for the Sanctum is sometime this week, Saturday at the latest. Part of my goal in coming weeks is to shift away from being so involved in the community management stuff in order to keep my focus tightly honed on development. Thankfully our other coder Spiff has been doing just that, and has been working on implementing many player requested features and other awesome new stuff for the next update.

I'm tentatively planning a v1.39 update as an intermediary release early this week until we get the Black Sanctum ready. More details on that later.

One last note - we've got another PvP tournament planned for Cornelia today at 5:00pm PST:

3/13/2011 PvP Tournament: CORNELIA
5:00pm PST
Sign ups:

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What exactly do you guys use to organize your programming? Right now I use dropbox but sometimes me and Yut have conflicting files which can e annoying.
I'm not sure what SilkGames uses, but Dropbox is less than ideal for code collaboration (or even single user version control).

You should look into Git or Subversion. They both have GUIs you can install, search for TortoiseGit and TortoiseSVN.
Dropbox is amazing for code collaboration. Screw pulling, and pushing, and committing and all that other crap. I like the part where I do something, and it's automatically synchronized across everyone.

The trick to avoiding conflicting files, is to work with people that know how to communicate with each other.

Remember that time when the file got screwed up on Dropbox? Yeah, I just reverted it back, cause Dropbox can do that too.
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