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Well, I'm making the interface but the interface is too boring D:

Interface Picture #1

Interface Picture #2

The Chatbox is draggable
When you press OOC or Say the input will appear!
Well, it looks kind of cool, but it is bland because it is just a huge map with a little information here and there. XD You could add the stat bars as a part of the interface tat is non movable. Maybe add in some basic player information like name, heath and mana bars, amount of money, exp bars, ETC. Then you could add some kind of design to it so it is decent to look at. IT will end up taking space on the map, but it wont be as boring. You could still leave it as a movable floating window, just add some transparency or something.
If I were to picture this interface as my own, I would have OOC in the bottom right corner, some drop menu on the top bar(since this is a full screen game), maybe some side tabs that when clicked on your stats or something come out.

Edit: If this a PVP game then a macro bar would help gameplay and liven up the interface as well.