You're absolutely right, Mr. Carnabee. Five days without reading some of that juicy low-fat Malver goodness is ridiculous. Like riding a buffalo over a sheer cliff edge. Or something. I'll try to insert some better similes in the following paragraph(s). And speak entirely in third-person. But not my simile-toting persona.

So, what has old Malver been up to? Mostly finishing up his exams, which have been tedious and painful. One more left on Monday, and then freedom. Like a lumberjack in a steel mill. ..No? I'll keep trying.

Additionally, Malver is tinkering away on yet another project. That's right. I didn't say it would be pretty, but he's whipping up something else. He put up a short-lived blog entry linking to a demo of the game, but I decided that he should keep it to himself until he has a fully playable online demo. But certain people got a peek, and so far Malver has only gotten positive feedback!

The Deadron Donations Fund seems to be a real -- no ploy. Real like a salted seafish on a Wednesday afternoon. Oh yeah. Anyways, perhaps this little blog 'o mine will get the next big spotlight. How a little coder can dream.

In other news, this is another paragraph, and holds no significance nor meaning. That's right, just sheer filler. There goes 7 seconds out of your life that you'll never get back. If I was a superhero, I think that would be my super-power: I'd waste people's valuable time.

Oh wait, we already have government employees. :/
I demand a comment. Even something along the lines of, "Soup is no excuse for bad driving". :/
Soup is no excuse for bad driving.

Speaking of driving, if you ever need a job I'm sure the DMV will take you. =P