Target: 105 GBP
Dealine: 29th March 2011

Hello, I am writing to let you know I will create you a website for your game, or for anything else. I charge $5 USD per page created, and if you get 6+ pages, I will throw in a forum and control panel (Custom built by me) to make posts and edit your site through the panel so you wont have to learn programming if you want to add content yourself.

I will also do DM programming, prices can be arranged with you after you say what you would like programmed for you.

First come, first served. I will not work on other projects until the person who comes first is done.

Currently working on a website for FinalResurrection, which you can view here.

Other designs can be found at the CSS Guild, and there a few screen shots of other designs at the bottom of this post.

I would be interested in a forum. I know we talked about this before, but I never see you online on MSN so we never got a chance to talk about making the other one I spoke to you about that one day. XDD If you see me online sometime ( send me a message because I REALLY like what you did for the FR webpage And I would love my own webpage / forum made in a similar way.
I'm on msn quite a lot. My msn display name is just Liam lol.
How long would it take you to make a website with the forum and a couple of pages? Also will we provide the domain?
By my count it will take about 3 months and still counting.... I asked him to make me one in March and still haven't gotten it finished. He told me it has something to do with him not having internet, however apparently he is doing a project with Teka reprogramming his game.... So who knows... From what I did see of the work he was doing it is worth the money and he did a good job. Probably not worth the long wait though... Also, you have to buy your own domain or it will just be like a IP address.