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I've got a little application I call WinClickPro that I want to sell. I've got the domain and I just need to get some licensing software called WinLicense ( but it costs a whopping $550.00. So... do I wait and save, or do I find an investor? I can scrounge the money in a number of ways and my parents would kindly throw the money at me if I asked but I'm entertaining the thought of having an external investor. Primarily for fun and perhaps excitement and motivation.

So, what would be in it for the investor. Here's my first take on the offer and its open for negotiation.

- Investor:
- Gives $550.00 to PopLava/tsfreaks via PayPal

- Investor Return:
- 20% of all PopLava sales which utilize WinLicense for 1 year and payments will optionally occur once per month via PayPal.
- Resource Center rank is bumped to Captain (highest by a long shot) which means you will be top dog. Being top dog means you earn the most on XP conversions.
- The 1 year term starts officially from the day the product is publicly available for sale. Meaning, if it takes me a month to get it posted online for sale, you don't lose earning potential.
- All 48 of my assets in the Resource Center will be gifted to you.
- If you have not made your investment back ($550) after the 1 year, I will owe you a penalty fee of $250US. I will pay this within 60 days from when the year is up.
- You will be the first to get a free licensed copy.

- I'm asking that you invest in me more than a single project.
- You will require some faith in me since there will be no formal contract. I can only offer you my word based on my BYOND reputation.
- I'm new to selling software online and am winging it every step of the way.
- $550.00 is a lot for most and I'm not looking for an investor who won't be able to eat for a month because they invested in some random guy on the internet. This should be mostly chump change and entertaining.
- I've only got one project lined up (WinClickPro) but once it's posted, I will be looking to utilize WinLicense to do more. Possibly even some BYOND (self distributable) apps even though I don't know if that will work out or not.
- I have some intentions to invest into the Android Marketplace and there may be opportunities to help invest there because Unity costs a ton of money to.
- The Resource Center has been hitting a crashing bug which isn't getting fixed. This will delay any RC offering.
- The utility will sell for about 5$ and I have no data to predict sales. It's a power users utility which reduces my target market significantly but it's fairly polished. I've been using it personally for a long while.
- Once I get WinLicense, I'm going to distribute the application in my workplace (for free) to a number of developers and testers and get some feedback on 64bit, dual mon, Win7, and etc. After a round of bug fixes, it should be ready to ship.
What does the application specifically do? It's hard to consider investing in something, even though you seem relatively trustworthy, that not many people really know about.
Agreed, and in my required haste (have to fly out the door in a minute), I avoided explaining it.

It's a small challenge to explain without a demo/video.

In-real-short, it's an advanced version of Quick Launch except it overlays all windows when you need it. Not only can you launch applications, but you can easily create macro like functions via built in editor to perform n number of actions (open, close, copy/paste) with a single click.

That is about a 40% description.