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Why did you never continue these?
I gave up on them for several reasons. For one, I have a short attention span. They were rarely used, as far as I could tell. And BYOND's noobtarded excuse for an admin team banned me from effectively posting them. Now that these are in a more public area (that I am allowed to post in even), and seem to be getting some attention, I will probably continue the series.

I just edited this one to include some basic information about winset(), since people seem to be all about that. I may even add some winget() info, though I disapprove of its usage...
Well they helped me back in the day and I probably need to reread them seeing as I haven't been practicing lately.
Corax Software wrote:
What about all the situations where you want to set the text or image of an element?
Both of those sound like places that should be handled in-game to begin with.

Or maybe you have a multi-line input and want to winget() the text because that's the only way to do it.
input() as message
Corax Software wrote:
I thought this tutorial was about people making their own interfaces? Like they should be doing...
As I already explained, this is not the most epicly amazing interface making tutorial ever. This tutorial is only part of a tutorial series for making an entire game. On top of that, and again, as I have already explained, the point of this tutorial was to rebuild an interface that was similar to the default BYOND interface, so that custom macros could be added. And on top of all that, and double again as I have already explained, I do not support the concept of massive interface usage to carry a game.

Also, "Both of those sound like places that should be handled in-game to begin with."
Please elaborate?
You should not have lables or images all over your interface. Your interface should just contain a map and/or output control. What type of labels or images would you be changing that shouldn't be represented as in-game HUDs instead of interface controls?
Corax Software wrote:
Background images, button images, lots of things. It just depends how much you get into your interface work.
My point, which you can't seem to grasp, is that such things should not be handled by the interface, but instead by in-game HUDs. I have already explained the entire situation to you multiple times now, but you seem to just be ignoring such explanations and re-posting the same exact complaints.

I just find it weird that it was called "Tutorial Nine: Interface & Macros" yet it's actually quite a specialized tutorial apparently.
It is the 9th tutorial, it covers setting up an interface and macros. If you had followed the first line, and started at the beginning, you would probably be less confused. Not that the beginning is even available at the moment, due to this brilliant move where BYOND decided to wipe out 90% of the community's content.

Each to his own and this will help people. Just saying a complete interface tutorial would include winset and winget.
I have already added information about winset(), but do not support the use of winget(), considering how slow, unreliable, and generally unnecessary it is.
Corax Software wrote:
Unfortunately not everyone wants their map screen to be cluttered. I don't believe in displaying everything through huds...

Legitimate commercial games are designed around on-screen HUDs, which is what BYOND games should be striving to emulate, and such HUDs will be the only option with the Flash client.
Corax Software wrote:
Wait so you're comparing us once again to corporate businesses that offer fully 3D games in which a HUD is the only option? That's madness, it just is.
I am not comparing BYOND to corporate anything, nor am I comparing them to 3D games. HUDs are a basic standard that BYOND games can and should meet. Can you name a single non-BYOND game in the history of games that has ever used default OS based "interface" windows for its UI?

But if you want to make your angled interface tutorial, then angle it.
I don't even know what that means...
Corax Software wrote:
Default in what sense?

Default as in they use Window's form buttons as their UI, instead of artistically designed in-game content.
Tutorial series should be linked up again, though the reference links won't work, and the first few tutorials are marked as "Old Post"s so comments can't be added there.
Now that these post are in the Demo's and tutorials list on the new site, I would love it if you would continue to make these tutorials. I have been waiting for the 10th one since 9 came out. Lol. And since you are back anyway, it would be a good idea to keep them going. Seems kind of crappy to have a tutorial series that stops randomly.
I'd also like to see you continue with the tutorials. They are well made and I learn alot from them ^^
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Trodec wrote:
I'd also like to see you continue with the tutorials. They are well made and I learn alot from them ^^

yeah me 2!
i would really like to see the next installment, they are simple and helpful.
Like to see the next tut. Its A Important thing i want to learn!
do i need to do and input box for interface also or not? I didnt see you say anything about it.
please continue the series theyr great up to now
Its said the when I pressed F Unrecognized or inaccessible verb: Attack()
Thanks for the tutorials Falacy, they're helping a lot.
I agree with everyone else here, these tutorials are extremely helpful
i dont understand why it is not showing words as in the chat box...
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