Pokemon Serenity was a shock to the BYOND community and according to a couple people it was, "One of the most professional-looking" games on BYOND. Well after the issues we had with PSe I redirected my attention to a project that I didn't release too much information on.

I present to you, Pokemon Starlight.

The game uses the same core structure that Serenity used, but with a number of tweaks to limit unnecessary procedures.
The game follows the same general concept as Serenity but Starlight actually has a plan and direction behind it. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I will stick with the whole Sticker concept but I can assure you that Starlight will not disappoint.
Let's go over a little bit of what I have done with logging in and the preface!

When a player first joins, if no savefile is detected it will direct them to a temporary page regarding how the game is still under development- blah, blah, blah(img1).


Before I go on, please note how the interface is changed to give it more of GameBoy feel. The main interface consists of two child controls defaulting to the map and chat outputs. More on this later, though.

The player will then be directed to a creation screen where they put in their name and gender(img2) - Yeah, I know I broke away from using the gender set to their key. /:
Afterwards the player will select a species of Pokemon they will become(img3). The four listed Pokemon are randomly generated from a preset list. I'm still considering if there should be a button to generate a new list. Your opinion?



Now onto the preface. The preface will be critical for explaining how the player became a Pokemon and whatnot. This will be a single-player area so you won't have the hassle of other player in your way for this part. You will be presented with "Serenity Productions Presents"(img4) which will fade out to your character(as a human) looking over the ocean(img5). After a delay of ~6 seconds, your mother will step out of the house and call for you to come to her(img6). You will automatically walk over to her and she will tell you that she needs you to get some berries from a girl named Chelsea(img7).

You will then have to walk around the island to find Chelsea who is conveniently only ~12 steps to the right(img8). After talking to her she will tell you that she needs you to deliver an item to a guy named Jones in exchange for the berries. After giving you the berries the screen will fade out and back to where your character is standing in front of your mom. Notice how the sky has darkened and a couple flashes of lightning will light the screen every now and again. You give mom the berries and you tell her that you need to deliver an item to Jones for Chelsea. She'll tell you to hurry up because a storm is coming in(img9).

Jones is the fat guy in img10(img10).
After giving the sunglasses to Jones, the rain will pick up and Jones will explain to you that you should go to the cave to wait it out(img11)









What happens next? You'll have to wait for the demo to find out for yourself! ;]

Additional Details
  • Will allow parties.
  • Will utilize the top screen for a turn-based combat system similar to the official games.
  • Expected alpha release is within the next three months.
  • All graphics are custom made with exception of the overworld icons.

  • DarkDragonn
  • Chae
  • PGP
  • Dewitty
  • Kymotonian
  • Lightcall-Skeleton
  • BoOmxBiG
  • TyranitarDark

    Questions and comments appreciated!

Im impressed by the looks of it. Keep up the good work.
I like the window design. Very much like a DS emulator. Simple and small, too. Not being able to increase its size would annoy me a lot.
@National Guardsman: Thanks, I'll try not to let you down. [:

@Fugsnarf: That was the general idea behind it. After all, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." If that's how the quote goes.
Kumorii wrote:
After all, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." If that's how the quote goes.

Very true. Keep it up.
There will be 2v2 trainer battles right?
Seeing as the game isn't a trainer-based game - No.

I could always setup 2v2 battles though.
I give you credit so far solely for putting the map together and looking better than any other Pokemon game on BYOND. Well that and the bits of coding to put the rest together.
The sun's on the left. Why is that side of the roof in the shadow?
PerfectGoku wrote:
The sun's on the left. Why is that side of the roof in the shadow?

I never noticed that up until you pointed it out. I would say Nice Catch but... Na.

Anyways, so far so good Kumorii! Are you ever going to fix img3 ;)?
I kind of went away from Byond for a while. I'm sort of back now. I must say,looking good.
Very nice. I cannot wait for it's release. This also really makes me want to make something...but I don't know what.