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I'm on my way out the door, so I'll make this brief. The v1.39 update has just been posted on all of the servers, and it's full of new stuff. This isn't the Black Sanctum content update (that's been slightly delayed again, unfortunately)... but we've cleaned up some bugs and implemented many player requested features. More on the Sanctum tomorrow ;)

NEStalgia v1.39 release notes
  • Bug Fix: Logouts were sometimes not being reported properly over the World channel.
  • Bug Fix: Gold deposits from the Marketplace were not registering the “Gold Standard” BYOND Medal.
  • Bug Fix: After finishing a battle in a Crypt mirror room other party members sometimes stopped showing up in the mirror.
  • Bug Fix: A portion of the map in a room of the Warrior's Crypt was drawing on top of HUD menus.
  • Fix: Players could manipulate the patrolling guards in Balzackian to block off entrances to buildings.
  • Fix: The subscription information section of the F1 help files contained outdated pricing information.
  • Groups can now accept and turn in quests as a party (every player must still be eligible for and/or complete the quest objectives)
  • A player's chosen action while in battle with a party can now be canceled and re-selected before the round starts.
  • When an item drops after battle, players with a full inventory now have the option to use an herb or potion instead of just trashing an item.
  • Items on the Marketplace can now be sorted to display only items which can be used or equipped by your character class.
  • There is now an NPC at the Pirate Base who will change character names for a 5000 gold.
  • The monster encounter rates in most sections of the Arctic overworld have been reduced.

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Testing the stuff out right now.
I will just toss this here. When you first connect to the game the Basic Controls is cut off due to the default resolution (image).
"Items on the Marketplace can now be sorted to display only items which can be used or equipped by your character class."

Wow, I was just wishing for that a couple days ago. Awesome.
And this update also deleted the Sosaria server?? Because its not on my list. Which means my character is gone???? Can anything be done or no?
Zenithia and Sosaria were on the same server, and there was a problem last night that required Silk to fix, unfortunately he wasn't available(he's not a robot, he's a person and people have things to do).

Your save data is fine and will be still there when the server comes back online. Which should be sometime today.