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I kinda lost motivation to work on Mantra. I'm somewhat pressed for time (thanks college), and really just distracted by any given thing that comes into play around here. I'm on spring break now, and all I get to do is a little bit of programming and a lot of research for an upcoming paper (the topic is fun, but that's the only reason I might get it started, I'm kinda putting it off right now..).

This is why I opted to keep the source online -- if anyone wanted to pop in on the project, take it over, work on it, whatever, it's there (all you have to do is let me know). I'm sure I'll revisit it in the future, but by then, I probably won't remember what I wanted to accomplish with the project.

Sorry for those who were looking forward to it. I guess I don't work well when I'm by myself, because the only thing keeping me working on it is me, and that usually just isn't enough.
Just when I thought you were about to finish something.
Welcome to the club.
Is this an RPG? How about making it an open source collaboration (managed by you)? Might get your motivation back.
It is an RPG. I was hoping for an open source collaboration, but no one seemed interested in much other than playing it. I'd love to help manage it and get it going, but getting people interested is sometimes difficult (especially when my motivation isn't all there).
Make an actual post about it. Show off what you currently have done (it's not bad, really, but SCREENSHOTS). Create forums for discussion about the project and also create a brief design document directing efforts. There were many people interested in IainPeregrine's Regressia (no, the other Regressia). Either you didn't advertise well enough or you didn't have a lot to show. Community's actually quite interested in open source projects. It's not a lot of work to do all this, and it should garner enough interest. Heck, I'd be interested.
A document, perhaps like this?
And I'm not sure what all kinda of forums would be necessary, aside a "discussion" one (which I set up in my forum area).
I felt like, at one point, I had a reasonable amount of work to show. Then I put the demo out. :\
I'm not very vocal, but I was lurking on your blog posts about this, and was looking forward to it :(