This is a simple how-to video for Terulia Relay Chat which describes situations where TRC is useful, shows how to "install" the TRC library, and walks you through activating a TRC account.

BYOND member post with more information
the TRC library hub page
the Terulia Forum Service

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to post them.
muy caliente
This is a really cool service and I encourage everyone to try it out. Linking games together via chat is a great way to get players to try new things.
Sounds almost exactly like what Iain tried to do with Artemis. Good to see someone going all the way with the idea. I hope it catches on.
After talking with IainPeregrine and discussing his concerns regarding TRC in general, I made some changes that in some ways invalidate this video. =) As he put it, a casual player is unlikely to activate a TRC account or subscribe if he doesn't already know anything about TRC and doesn't see any activity upfront. My solution to this is automatic activation/subscription.

TRC now recognizes users as soon as they log into games and automatically activates their account.
Also, developers have the option of specifying a "default channel", thereby auto-subscribing anyone who logs into their game(s).
As a developer, you choose which channel is your default channel.

As a user, getting started using TRC has gone from being easy to completely automated, going from two steps ("/activate" and "/subscribe [channel]") to zero steps (automatic activation & subscription). The moment you log into a TRC-linked game, you can begin talking on the game's default channel.