Yeah, I'm actually making something original for once! I'm taking a small break from Starlight to make a fun little mini survival game(single-player). However this isn't the typical, run around, shoot, run around shoot kind of zombie game.
You're in a fixed location and zombies come from both sides of the screen. You have to attack them as they approach you by clicking the left and right arrow keys to swing in the respective direction.

Don't let one reach you though or it's game over!

Don't miss either!
Swing too soon or swing in the wrong direction and you will be frozen for a set amount of time before you can swing again! This leaves you vulnerable!
Also, the further you progress and the more kills you get, the zombies will get faster and more numerous! Think you can survive?

So I started it and have the skeleton done. Even threw together some cheesy icons(I will be looking for a pixel artist..). Zombies approach from either direction(img1). Don't miss(img2)!



Anyway, that is what I have for about 3 hours of work. Not bad so far, I think. If you're a pixel artist and want to help out with graphics, please contact me on MSN:

Questions and comments?
Make medalz pl0x.
Those Zombies are epic!
I've been thinking about a similar concept of survival for a small mini-game that I'll be doing sometime soon.

Besides my rants, the game looks good and as far as the graphics go they aren't that bad.
@Ganing: Will do!

@DM45: Not really.. XD

@Ryan Deux: Thanks!
I like the graphics and the thought bubbles.
lol everybody's first original is always a zombie game