Naruto Era Of Shinobi

by Chriss_uchiha
Naruto Era Of Shinobi
Based on Naruto Izou , Naruto the Era of Shinobi is going further beyond that game , we dont own the game we just add things to it.
Omg serius did the hoster stop
Sorry guys , but seems that the Hoster got some problems with his internet , game will be up very soon.
Any Questions ask Me :O
I can be the new host.
i can host for you but not 24/7 sorry so if you want me just add me in pager or email me: and i will help you!!!
There need to be TAGS. because i found this game in comments of NNF.
chriss i told you that the hoster will stop give me the host file or the source i can host for you :D
why is the game down :(
Hello guys ,This Week game will be off because we are updating
some things , after update finish there will be a shell server hosting 24/7 then enjoy the new game , ^_^ :Chriss xD
Is This game like nnf or nng? i found it in coments of nnf so
idk what its like?(on nng i was lvl 137 on nnf i was 109)
y u change game chriss?
Gona be a cool production
lmao fail owners threaten to ban me cuz i kill them too much and they abuse like nubs... this game trash and will never amount to anything more. failed at making a rip
your right , Jak is a fail owner
this is the funniest thing ever xD ok a fail owner name Jak banned Alazarek and me from the game for saying how it is unfair that he made himself god path xD that is just ridiculous and when i tell him to stfu about it he mutes and bans me XD when he keeps saying to drop it he kept bringing it back up again. he it obviously a kid and needs to grow up. its just a game and you dont need the be a fail owner and ban people just because you dont like them... Jak154 you are a sad and lonely child to ban people over a silly computer game
ur Unbanned dunn woryy &* Enjoy the game!
lmfao i was banned because i thought someone hacking the game was funny XD LOLS you are all dumb and i hope you get trolled some more by the hacker XD and i am gonna hack ake for banning me for no reason xD and clown for banning me for no reason and for just being dumb XD and i guess while im at it... ill just tell the "hacker" (cuz i know who it is)to give me the source so everyone can have a non abusive game :D
hope you all have fun fail lmao
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