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Poll: What should Darwin do?

Do nothing 0% (0)
Play Byond 0% (0)
Go outside 37% (6)
Stop doing these Gay Blog Post 50% (8)
Do something 12% (2)

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Anyways, I have become uber bored. Too lazy to do anymore video's and Im too busy with school to get on a serious project on byond. Here are some random thing to do to waste my time:

Chao Chatterz (

Chao Chatterz Remastered (

Resident Evil Online 1/2 (

DBZTT2 ( DragonballTournamentFighters2)

Last Robot Standing (

Castle/Space Castle ( games/Abra/SpaceCastle)

Those are really the top 7 games I used to play in my noobish days.
Their is lots of stuff you can do on the internet, like learn to code. You could download or pay for an FPS game, or get an emulator and play some classic Retro games. You could learn from Youtube videos about the most oddest of topics, you could create your own inventions, in reality.
But your doing fine by being our friend.
Lmao. Alright xD
You should like, find something to do with your life =D
You should, like, stop being an abusive admin/gm and stalking me over CC +D
Weee the people are torn between making me go outside or taking away my blogging abilites. Awesome :x