- No public takers on my investment offer. Going to try an alternate route.

- Studied a little Java but mostly working my way through the Eclipse tutorials.

- The Resource Center is still dead in the water due to the crashing bug. I think we may have made some progress but no updates from BYOND yet.

- Given all the free time away from the RC, I started tinkering around on an old project called Outpost. I'm mid-way through re-writing the entire Universe.

- My new DroidX phone is cool but it certainly is rough around the edges. I've heard that I can wipe it and remove the bloatware which I will do soon.

- I've learned a lot about agile development (and how to do it wrong) over the last couple of weeks.

- Learning a lot about Rally and SVN as well.

- I also started writing unit tests this last week so it's been a pretty busy learning week.
You should root your phone and install a custom ROM. I finally got around to it for my Droid Incredible, and it runs much nicer without all the extra foo HTC had on it. Not to mention it's much more customizable.