Poll: Name Of The Star Wars Game

Star Wars The Next Generation 66% (63)
Star Wars Chapters 33% (32)

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With my shell server going to be open soon. I would bring back the first game I ever worked on, Star Wars The Next Generation. But Im still trying to figure out what name should this release be under. SWTNG or SWC. This revival will be listed as Completed and will not recieve anymore updates. Bugs and glitches will be fixed, and the game will be named Classic.

Other News
Another update on Ikou Era. The Close Beta has been short and we couldnt really get a server running for our testers to test it out. So we will just do an open beta with only Edo as its Star Village. Edo is a 350X400 village, with many districts and homes. 4 large dojos for masters wishing to start to teach their styles. New style system inputed to allow players to create and design of their fighting styles. Well the Open Beta is up and running, people who uses the forums to post in the bugs they seen will be put into a draw. The winner of the draw will help me design new weapons/clothing/hair and etc.

the 1st one ill icon for you if you want help and map :)
Star Wars The Next Generation

Some kind of Star Wars/Star Trek hybrid?
A game that was made 4-6 years ago by sillieum
lol i'm guessing you're excited for swtor?
I was searching through BYOND and couldn't help but notice your gender symbol was the one for female. Well, mine is the one for male.... I love you.
Well.. Now with the recent news of Fan games being closed down, I dont think ill be able to put up SWC...
I guess you could say.. You're.. NOT.. all smiles.. Mweh!

And actually, change the nameing and you pretty much are golden. Could make it hint towards being a star wars game. Or, could make a server that is a game which really just leads to the star wars game! That's genious!
allsmiles when you bringing starwars back