Alright, I made a new video as promised. Resized and better commentary. As before, I would absolutely love it if you left comments, questions, and concerns below. Thanks!


Regarding Zombies!-
We have hired a very talented pixel artist to do the artwork for the game so give a shout out to Carter-XM!

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Gracias por tomarse el tiempo para hacer este más grande. Buen trabajo hasta ahora.
No hay problema. Sido un perezoso tarde y yo no tenía nada mejor que hacer. [:
I see.
Pretty much and I love you too? XD
Size is a lot better, but why are you still playing rock music?
Because I can - deal with it.
@EmpirezTeam & Galactic Soldier; You've been banned from this site for two weeks for trolling, arrogance, and persisting to post malicious comments even after deleted.

Nice video...