by Acebloke
The next chapter
I've finally got round to releasing the update. I held back a few days to try and fix some of the AI issues. My intended fixes/changes for Barbarians has gone well, but city building AI's using their own settlers hasn't. Its still in there, if your a subscriber but I haven't seen it work yet, and it might lag the game if you have some running.

I've already mentioned a lot of the updates in previous posts, but basically there is improvements to the AI (as above, and more, see below in the full list), "Combat" displays hp as they fight, the Tech tree in-game (via menu), and finally a new Government type (bringing a total of 2 so far :p) although right now it is simply flavour.

Other changes include nerfing some water tiles to give less food, opening oil as a resource (but not usable), as well as a number of bug fixes.

This is the last intended Beta for D, so now we get to move onto E. E will go into developing all those eras so far as the later ones are still undeveloped. It will also go into making AI that is worth playing against, while opening the not so good ones for non-subscribers. Government types and alliances will also start seeing some gameplay use, and I'll make a decent attempt to balance the game and develop the win conditions and other options. I might sometime in E also find time to do medals, which some of you seem to want :p

I've burned out for Wargames 2 right now, but I might get interested again in the next few days. I want to develop the AI mainly, so I can play against myself (heh) and that will get me into developing it a bit more often than twice a year (perhaps). I've also hit a bit of a stick in the road for units for the Dark age (in game, roughly 500-1000AD).

I'll probably post in a day or two any other thoughts I have, but until then, take another shot with Wargames 2 and let me know what you think (oh, I'll be updating that interface for Beta E too).

Beta D.d

New Features:

* Capturing towns is now listed in your nation report and the universal report.
* "Full battles" available, as combat initiates, all available players are jumped to watch; hud indicators for health as added bonus:
- Green for HP, red for damage, blue for successful defence. Now you get to see the combat modifiers, and see how hp,att and different defence values finally visibly come into play.
- Optional on or off (default on) next to game availability on the game options screen.
* Ingame Technology tree built into the game.
* Ability to switch Government types. From this version, Monarchy is available as an alternative to Tribal. Currently only for flavour, will effect more in future.
- Select Government type in your nation stats screen.
* Settler AI for Subscribers, see below.

New Research:

* Battering Ram: Bronze Age research for the unit (see below).
* Vaccination: Dark Age research, equivilent to Sanitation for town expansion.
* Warlord: Bronze Age research for the unit (see below).
* Petroleum: Dark Age research, opens up Oil, actually available before, but didn't have any use nor displayed in stats before.
* Monarchy: Bronze Age research, allows new Government type.

New Units:

* Legionary acts as the Swordsman for the Romanic Age. Assuming Steel research is complete, automatically available.
* Battering Ram acts as the Bronze Age siege unit. Unlike the Battering Team, it has more than one hp, and some actual defence, as well as better odds of reducing town defence.
* Warlord: Elite unit for Bronze Age.

Other Changes:

* Water tiles gave way too much food I felt, so there have been the following changes: Shore tiles now only give 1 food, with River tiles 2 food (both -1 from previous).
* Changes to Barbarians:
- Swordsman are now the default barbarian unit for Romanic+ Starting Age.
- Barbarians now take advantage of captured towns by building units from it.
- Barbarians now have their own border colour to tell the difference.
* Romanic Age is now the default Ending age.
* Dark Age is now the furthest age available.

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed a bug where walls and roads wouldn't always appear in the worker's menu.
* Minor bug with Alliance report fixed.
* Roman Road would appear too soon in the research panel, fixed.
* AI towns will not harrass players by building units on towns the player has already captured.
* Minor bug fix where text would still stay up until the game starts if you used load map.
* Promoted Irrigation tiles would not be supplying pathway for irrigation further inland, fixed.
* Unit costs would multiply by the number of towns, which would normally be unoticeable unless their unit cost is in metal; in which it was easy to go into negatives even with 2 or 3 towns.
* When setting up the game, the text of some options would disappear, fixed.

Subscriber Features:

* Settler AI available. These guys don't just protect their towns, but go out of their way to make new ones.
- This is actually buggy right now, and I've chosen to just release as is so not to delay it any further. AI updates will be coming in Beta E.
I don't think I'm going to play the Betas, but when this comes out, I'll lose sleep and be "sick" for a week.