Fayte's server. Crash? Shut down? I don't know, but I would highly appreciate a fixing of the problem. It's a great server with awesome RP, and quite a few people play on it, three/four of which happen to be my friends, and they would appreciate it, too.
It should be back up now. At least, i'm reading it as up.

Also, a guide is in the works. I had made one previously, but it's about half a year out-dated. I'll probably create one sometime in the next few weeks.

In the mean-time, our forums have a guides section which contains a variety of information on the game.
If the guide is an HTML page I'd love to write it =]
So, Uh, Kitsu's server is shut down permanently now?
Tazzlemus wrote:
So, Uh, Kitsu's server is shut down permanently now?

It appears to just have been down for awhile. Should be fixed soon.

We occasionally have to bring the servers down for maintenance, or to apply updates to the server files.

The other possible reason is that it's just a simple server crash. To quote the old saying, "Shit happens.". I've contacted Kits to see if he's aware of what happened.

Update: Looks like the hosting company did something that screwed up the shell we host a number of servers on. We're working to get it fixed right now.
inb4 save corruption
Thanks for the update, Arch. YOU DA MAN! FUCK YEAH!
Hay Arch, I haz an idea for gaem. Seriously, hear me out. It's gewd. Okie... Speed should increase as your BP increases. Not the speed mod, but a percentage multiple of the speed mod, depending on the BP mod and the current BP, and maybe the base BP, too. Lol. So it'd probably be something like this:
4000x1 [small Demigod]
current multiplied by speed mod
(The number you get from this shall be known as Figure 1)

= 4000 x 3 [Demigod BP mod]
Figure 1 times BP mod

(Whatcha get from this is Fig. 2)

= 12000 (And this is Figure 3)

Then, it might be wise to have the script divide Fig. 3 by half so as to make the increase in speed less so powerful at lower levels of BP...

But yes, so you would then take Figure 3 and make it: 12.000

Why? Because. The dot should always move three places over. -_- This is science.

So then you'd have 12% increase to speed... So you would take the Speed Mod and increase it by 12 percent... I think... Hrm... -rubs his chin thoughtfully- You know, I'm actually not quite certain how the percentage would interact with the Speed Mod, if it would interact at all. But the Speed Mod should remain static, regardless. It's change due to BP should be on another level or something, so that abilities like Mystic would wouldn't interact strangely with the changes.

But yeah, basically what this would due is make it so that incredibly high BP characters are naturally faster than lower BP characters... AND... when a character's BP drops from energy fatigue/damage, their speed would also drop aswell. But never lower than what they would have normally with their speed mod.

Now, I'm not really at all good with Math or Scripting or anything like this, so the rough design I put forth may be all fucked up.
I cant connect to any server why
Try updating your Byond, and clearing cache.
While we appreciate feedback, the comments are hardly the place to put long-winded reviews.
Hey Ace could you unban me i got unbanned for wrong reason it was very different unbann me please then im going to tell you how it was !
https://action.eff.org/o/9042/p/dia/action/ public/?action_KEY=8173 <--Lemme give you more info guys. You just fill out your info, and the letter is already typed for you. You want to do this because you lose the ability to watch free anime, manga, and movies in general if you don't, among other problems.It surely wouldn't help the issue with byond having to shut down anime games either. This law is serious business.

The objective is to spread this, just post it wherever you are on the internet whenever you have the chance. One person will matter in this because you are like a virus. For instance, I'm here, showing you guys, potentially getting the 200 playerbase of this game to help. If half went with me and showed another 200 each we're already looking at 20000. One person's action does matter because you will multiply like a virus.

Spread that idea too for more results.

Oh and if anyone knows what it means when someone wants a prefix an answer would be greatly appreciated.

The place that I got the link, with the letter filled out, was this forum: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1696462
I can assure you that it's safe, a gigantic company such as League of Legends wouldn't cheat you, they're legitimately concerned about their game as well and even have a congress man posting there.
Normally i'd delete comments from anyone trying to get someone to push legislation one way or another in this section. The reason being that that falls under the realm of advertisement.

But SOPA is such a unilaterally malicious bill in every respect imaginable, that i'll let my rules slide for once. It will literally destroy entire industries if it passes. Something that has quite a few people I know more then a bit "upset" to say the least, and something that we as a country, quite frankly, cannot afford in this economy. Nevermind all the other far reaching implications it allows for. And to top things all off, it won't even really deal with what the bill claims it will either, stopping piracy.

Of course, for anyone who's read up Lamar Smith's actions over the past few years, who is the author of the bill, this should come as no surprise. One gets the feeling that he looks at books like "1984" as more of an instructional manual then a commentary on the dangers of a fascist or exploitative government.

Some of the choicer highlights of the things he's done during his tenure include voting for the "Abortion Pain" bill. Which is a bill that's just about as evil as it sounds.

So yeah, write in to your representatives. Make a note of which ones support it and don't. Make noise. The ones that do vote for SOPA are probably the ones who don't have your best interests in mind. At best, they're viciously ignorant to the point where they can't be trusted to make policy on that level. And should probably be voted out next election cycle.
longest shit ever!
Make phoenix pvp :D
Removed some dudes posts spamming his rip. This comment section is not for advertising your personal servers, rips, or games. If you want to do that, go advertise on your own game.

We don't come to your comments section and spam it up with links, so we'd ask that you don't do the same.
Yeah, do it again and we'll come beat dat ass. You heard me?
How do i fucking start playing?
Cancle wrote:
http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=ibhqxe&s=5 < Taj server admin abuse. He said I was non rp running, which I was he then said that was rp avoid, which it is, but non rp running is allowd. He is completely stupid and all that great stuff, abusing his powers to affect an IC situation. He was trying to admin ko me so a player could kill me.

Do you ever bother mentioning the real reason you were killed (and the reason I even said you were killed for?) which was fly bug abusing? I adminKO'd you with the intention of healing you if you were to be KO'd. The reason I adminKO'd you is because you were abusing the fly bug by flying up and down continuously to avoid a potential KO and kill. You may want to refute that point with the fact that you are a small and that you get up in less than thirty seconds, but I'll point you to the section of our rules where it clearly states that energy role-plays, and particularly mentions beams, may be used as an attack and kill role-play. Hence, you would have died. You had slightly less battle power than the other player in question, and you two-hundred resistance would not have been able to overcome the other player's force.

You've broken many of our servers rules, and you've abused a large amount of bugs to increase your character's strength or to avoid undesirable actions (death). In fact, I distinctly remember you, on a prior character, knocking individuals out with no RP that used the same bug you did, unknowingly, to avoid a KO. You would soon thereafter countdown and kill them (with no RP, which was one of the reasons we killed you for--and no, you were strictly a physical fighter on that character, so don't say you used high-powered energy attacks), if you succeeded in KOing them.

Look Cancle, rules have to go both ways. We've been extremely liberal with the amount of chances we've given you. As I mentioned in your screenshot, it wasn't my decision to unban you. It was another administrator's because he felt bad for you. To be honest though, I don't feel bad for you. You flamed everyone in OOC that told you to shut up. You hurled slurs in my direction, along with malediction. You could have been banned for that as well, since you were not only making the game an uncomfortable environment for myself, but for other players -- and they'll testify to that.
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