Oh, normal people can comment on games? LI thought you had to be some sorta member. :u Well, that's neato.

At any rate, I have to say this is easily the best reincarnation of OF to date. It has taken in the spirit of the game without most of the negitivity. We no longer need to pay for things, merely earn them with skill of our own.

I've been playing since OF and onward, enjoying the ride that it sent me on. I understand how hard it must be to run this sort of thing, and as a result, respect Archonex and anyone else who had a hand in making this wonderful game.

This has been both a workout for my writing skills, as well as a nice passtime to take me away from all my real life troubles, and for that, I thank every one of you.
I appreciate the vote of confidence, and praise, Atruma. It takes a lot of time to keep this thing running and it can be draining at times. Especially when I try to handle both it and real life.

@Cancle: If you have a complaint or concern that an admin is abusing their position, you can contact me and i'll open up an investigation. I have a policy of investigating every claim, no matter how outlandish it is (Outside of stuff like ___ admin beamed me aboard his spaceship IRL and probed me, or someone saying something insane like that.). Though keep in mind that about 95 percent of all complaints that are valid usually turn out to be communication issues or just a player not understanding the situation.

If there's one thing that Finale taught me, it's that I'm fully aware that because our staff is comprised entirely of volunteers who also play the game, sometimes mistakes happen. And that, very rarely, we get someone who's just downright malicious and sneaky about said maliciousness. The latter has happened maybe three times at most in the past two years, but that's what the investigative systems I've set up are for, to ensure that the admins are representing the game, and not their own interests.

I had to put it on hold these past few weeks due to being ill, but i'm also hiring coded admins who will be acting in my place while i'm busy developing the game.

This past half year to a year, the games development has ground to a halt due to it getting so insanely huge. I've spent most of my time on it helping various admins with issues or crises that come up at any given time, to the point where any time I log on I immediately end up dealing with some sort of issue rather then improving the content of the game.

It's become clear to me that it's more then I can handle without delegating some responsibilities off to trusted personnel. So, soon, they'll be available to handle things like this too, which will also free me up to move back to developing the game at the "five patches/content updates a day" pace I used to have.

It also lets me, personally, narrow down the list of people that I need to watch.

We probably have at the very least 50 people crewing the "administrative" and development aspects of the project, all told. This will let me knock down the people I need to personally carry out the usual complaint investigations and giving admin advice/assistance too down to a much lower number, which will in turn free up more time to code and design new content.

Hope that helps.
This game is outstanding, but come on, all things have their defaults right?
Like these players, thinking they run shit and they're better than everyone and everything.So strict on RP and shit like this isn't a DBZ game.
Really though, I'd expect more DBZ Type shit going on instead of RP overpowering the logics of flying beings and gaining 1k BP a min from uber training like Gravity.
There's one thing wrong with what you're saying. This isn't a DBZ game. It has some of the aspects of one, but that's because it used to be. And people are strict on roleplaying because umm. How do I put this? It's a roleplaying game...
Not really sure what you mean, SaiyanEnforcer. Can you elaborate?

Also, despite developing a nasty head cold that appears to have devolved into a particularly nasty case of bronchitis (Something I always seem to get when I get a head cold.), I do believe i'm almost ready to release the next patch/content update.

Should be the final patch before the new maps go live. The goal of this next update is polishing of existing content and the removal of all the bugs that the community have reported to me over the past month and a half, large or small. I've been collecting a (rather large) list of things people would like me to either look at, or had confirmed as potential bugs. Each one is getting checked off as I get to it. With the release of the map update, it'll put the game at being over half-way to being at a "1.0" status.

After that, i'll be focusing more on the new content methods. Up next will be the diversification and expansion of the NPC AI, the inclusion of hard-coded faction warfare systems, zone control, factional NPC's, an expanded death system that is more "roguelike" in nature, as opposed to being a post-game thing that requires players to get help from others to get out of, and more.

For those familiar with the game, and have a background in it, we'll also be taking applications for coded admin soon. The details of what the job requires are in an earlier post.

Note that this isn't the sort of thing you go into lightly. Nor will we be hiring people who just walk in off the street. You'll need an established administrator to vouch for you, for one, and have some measure of administration experience that shows you're competent and capable of handling managerial tasks without wading into the situation with the equivalent of a verbal sledge-hammer. We'll also be vetting everything you say, and the apps process is just the first step to ensure you're up for/capable of doing the job. The link to the apps topic will go up here once it's ready.

Probably should post all this on the facebook and blog page too. Need to get in the habit of using them.
Does anyone know where I can get this games base icon. I want to icon some clothing in-game.
yeah go to search and put icon share or naruto shadow mist
My question, Arch, is, where is everyone getting the new host files? I had DB Pheonix's Files, but...well, obviously can't host that. There's no longer a hud for DB Phoenix, and, even if it somehow DID work, Funimation would kick my butt out the door. I would be glad if you could tell me about the Host Files, because I have done a few searches already through the forums, and found nothing. If it's only reserved for certain people, I'm fine with that too.

PS: Nice job so far. Keep them Funnies off your butt.
how come everytime i try to log on to a server before it starts it closes
In response to Jadendami
Jadendami wrote:
how come everytime i try to log on to a server before it starts it closes

I've had that happen to me myself a few times. Far as we can tell, it's some sort of bug with authenticating. Seems like it's on Byond's end. Just keep trying and you'll get on.

On the off chance it's a game related thing i'll be checking it out as one of the features in the (currently giant, something like 30 bugs fixed/quality of life features added so far.) pre-map patch that we're working on right now.
it still not working
it is still not working :(
Yes, I think we got that the first time. I hope it works for you eventually, but... really, spamming the forums isn't helping.
In response to ReapingDna
ReapingDna wrote:
Yes, I think we got that the first time. I hope it works for you eventually, but... really, spamming the forums isn't helping.

We have our own forums, actually. It's just that the forums button was removed some time ago so now it's under the web-site button.

Jaden, make sure your byond client is up to date. Without knowing more about what's going on I can't really give you any advice other then that. I haven't heard anyone else experiencing constant issues with connecting.
Why was a banned on Chewegs server
In response to Jadendami
Jadendami wrote:
Why was a banned on Chewegs server

That would be something you should ask on her server forums. Each server is largely independent in its actions, its ability to create rules, structure its team, create unique themes/wipes, and internal management. We mostly just oversee them to make sure the local admins don't step out of line or do something damaging to the game, like letting a server sit empty after a wipe has ended for a week or so.

Go to the hub, or to the top of the page, and click on the text that says "Website". That will take you to the SE forums. From there, scroll down and find Cherry/Chegweg's forums. We've set up sub-forums for each server that's currently authorized to host.

Cherry actually has her own set up from her days as a private host, and we've allowed her to keep them up for the time being. Thus you can link to them from our website.

That being said, the most likely reason for the ban is that you broke a rule of some sort. Unless you did something extremely heinous, or are a repeat offender, however, the ban is almost certainly on a timer. IE: It should wear off after a day or so.
For those interested, we just made a few alphas of the new urban tileset visible in the screenshots section.

Keep in mind that what you're seeing is just a rough mock-up to make sure everything "fits' together. Barrels also aren't done, if it isn't obvious. They should be metallic, like some of the debris are on the ground, for instance.
There's a topic on the forum alerting people to this, but for those people who don't browse them, we're just about ready to release the final version of .0312.

That means the next big update will contain the map in one form or another.

Also, as I have just hit finals week here, I have to focus on that. Henceforth, the last iteration of .0312 is delayed by a week.
And finals are over, and i'm back to work. Expect the last version of .0312 out this week. I'll be trying to get the first new map out about a week after that.

Current plans will have the world map done last, while new maps that will be accessible via the worlds. Essentially they'll still be planetoids until the new world map goes in. This means that the current maps will essentially get a renovation to reflect the races they represent, for the time being. This is partially for ease of design, and partially because I don't have all the turfs and objects I feel I would be comfortable with to represent the world map, yet.

I'll alter the structure of the non build maps to support this, and probably do the full urban maps last, as a result. That way any full release changes I need to make are minimal, to support the change in map structure.

The new areas will also either be added in either as new locations on the current world map, or with some other means. I'll have to decide, as there's some new areas, like a subterranean cavern system as one of the new spawns, that i've been toying with. Obviously once the new world map is up they'll be accessible in their "proper" format.

I'll also be posting the full changelogs of version .0312 here once we get the last test build out. We separated the changes into test builds so we could release them as we got things done.

I'd post it as part of the description for the game, but that section is already long and the full changelogs are a bit of a doozy.

Also, slight update on the status on the servers. For those who don't know why the pop on one of the servers is so low/it's locked, I do believe Cherry's server is preparing a specialized wipe, hence it not being accessible to the general playerbase. I believe it will be opening back up fairly soon.
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