I'm looking for talented individuals to help me with the workload of creating the World map, along with hundreds of 'Scene' maps.

World Map work is to be done in chunks, and e-mailed to me to smooth out, and add in to the world map properly. Chunks would vary from 25x25 to 50x50 chunks.

Scene work would be done on a scene by scene basis. Scenes are the layout of the villages, towns, castles/forts, and cities. The size and contents of each scene will depend on the type of scene being designed.

All materials required for work will be provided in one of two utilities. These utilities are DM environments including the type path definition and icons relevant to the work being done.

The only compensation for your work will be a mention in the credits. No other information on the project will be provided at this time, however if you have questions or comments, you can e-mail me at f0lak.haz(at)gmail(dot)com or contact me via the pager.
ill take it but i am a rookie mapper
I suppose it's worth noting that I'm not looking for just one person to assist. The world map itself is quite large, and I will require a few dozen detailed scenes.
it be aprul fewlz yo lolol

I wouldn't consider myself talented at level design but I do know how to work the mapper. I'd totally be interested in this. :O
Aye, I may be helpful In this, I love geography and always make kingdoms with my tilessets :D