I've got a few different points to bring up, so if you're in the tl;dr crowd, skip to the third paragraph.

I just attended the bimonthly university/government auction and got another steal: 19 desktops (mostly crap but some good ones) for $20 total plus a 2.2GHz laptop for $50. Of interest though is that a $2000 server rack (just the rack), with ~25 server nodes included, sold for a whopping $350. This brings me to the very real possibility that, some time in the future, I might actually be able to buy a full multi-node server...

While talking to the buyers who bought the server, I learned that there's a colocation computing center here in town that rents out spots on their gigabit network - unlimited bandwidth - for about $50/month. I'm thinking of moving my own servers there at some point for the speed benefits (currently hosting via DSL) and so I can drop my home internet to a lower tier. Anyway...

What's this about free hosting? I recently offered the use of The Terulia Web Server to SilkWizard for NEStalgia hosting. It was in use for a day or two, and although I didn't hear any complaints regarding speed/lag/etc., Silk has since consolidated his hosting elsewhere. As it is, this computer is now running at about 2% of operating capacity. I see this as a waste of potential, so I'm willing to set up user accounts for 2-4 active users so they can host their games on this machine. The stipulations are: 1) no DBZ games, 2) your game can't be a CPU hog in-and-of itself (i.e. 100% CPU usage with 0 users is unacceptable), 3) you have to incorporate TRC into your game. If you are interested in this free hosting opportunity, post a reply here and I'll get back to you on Monday (leaving for the weekend).

Finally, I wanted to gauge general interest in free hosting at the mentioned colocation center. This is just for my future reference. If enough people are interested in this setup, then I will probably place some bids the next time a $5000+ full server setup goes up for auction.

edit: The promotional 2.8GHz desktop giveaway is still underway.
I would be somewhat interested. My game is still in development but I need a space on since my netbook and connection can't handle any more than around five people.
National Guardsman: sounds good; I'll contact you tomorrow on Pager w/ login details, etc.

Neblim: fixed >_>
Gakumerasara wrote:
National Guardsman: sounds good; I'll contact you tomorrow on Pager w/ login details, etc.

Neblim: fixed >_>

Alright Thank you!
im interested.
id love for you to host for me but i dont know what you mean by cpu usage of the game
I am interested in this! please contact me :)
I took some time last night and the night before to address several issues uncovered while setting up hosting for National Guardsmen. Now that everything seems to be in order...

I'll be contacting each of you by Pager, tonight if you happen to be online, or as soon as I see you otherwise.

Aniste: CPU usage indicates the percentage of a computer's processing capacity that is currently being utilized by a given program. As an example, if your game were running at 50% CPU usage on a 2.8GHz machine, your game would be using up ~1400 million of the maximum ~2800 million instructions per second. You can check your game's usage via world.cpu in BYOND. (CPU usage is determined per effective processor, so it is possible to have up to 200% CPU usage on this dual core machine. However, if any one processor hits 100%, processing will slow down (and games will lag). The same applies for memory usage/RAM.)

Cart12: Thanks, but I'm really not interested in being an admin. Remember one of the requirements to get your game hosted is that you utilize TRC in your game.
Id love to have this opertunity you can contact me at please and thank you.
I'm developing my first mmo and still gathering a team. Really working on something new and fresh here that I think people will like, I just can afford the server hosting so this would be a wonderful opportunity!
No worries, there will be no DBZ here :D My netbook is blah and im running a 3g connection so...yeah...not very good hosting capabilities here.
Hmm, if you're still doing this. I'd like to acquire a server.
Fantasie Productions wrote:
Hmm, if you're still doing this. I'd like to acquire a server.

So far I've created 4 user accounts (1 active, 2 inactive, 1 pending), but yes, I can set you up with an account.
Last night's Ubuntu distribution upgrade created some problems, so once I get everything solved, I'll page you when I see you online.
Fantastic, we already use Terulia forum so adding it to the game will be a sintch.
(Bebi Tuf) key Hokage Yondaime---- I would like for you too host my game "Shinobi II" i'd mention ur host site on server " and if you'd like to try it out" i could make a key of your choice GM since your being generous
No word yet from GokuDeath...

Bebi Tuf, look for me on BYOND Pager tomorrow. I won't be able to devote time to GM duties in your game, but you should take note that one of the stipulations for having your game hosted this way is that you incorporate TRC into your game.
Is there any chance for another spot to be registered?

If yes, I would appreciate it. Am already implementing TRC, not a hard thing. People really need to know about it.
About the requisites, I already implemented it, although i need to Update the game, anyways, I update daily so there's no problem. If more info is needed, lemme know.
I am a little late to the party but I would definitely be interested if this offer still stands
I am very interested in the offer if it is still available.
It seems that no one's been using it for the past 2 weeks.
Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have to pull the plug on it until I can set up a more efficient system that doesn't require me to manually create new user accounts.
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