I'm recruiting members to work on Edreoll. Right now I need a lot of icons (20x20, 40x40, 60x60). These include players, terrain, etc. Anything works.

The list of jobs offered are:
* Pixel/Icon artists
* Modular Music Artist (ModPlug Tracker or FL Studio)
* Sound Artist (keep it 16-bit SNES suonding)
* Assistant Programmer (To help me when I get stuck)
* Advertisers (When the game is upon release)
* Donors (so I can get my server working again)

OH! When some of the tools are working (Like the Map editor), I need a Map Artist to help create some maps for Edreoll, as well as missions and perhaps some philosophical concepts to strengthen Edreoll's potential as an RP-based game.

There's a wikia on this:

* GM Status in Edreoll (So long as you behave)
* Subscriptions to all ZYNKCO games (Even outside of BYOND)

* MSN ( is mine)
* Facebook ( is mine)
* DropBox (It's free no worries, and refer me so I can get more space! Link ::
* Minecraft (optional : P ) (also j/k)
I can help with Advertising/a forum :c
What is your programming experience? Just getting an idea, to see if me offering to help would be appropriate.
With DM I am pretty efficient. I know how to manage large files (This is my first big project but I have handled it well with the things I have in there).

Otherwise, I know some C++, Java, BlitzMax (Late BASIC variant that is OO), and GML (Game Maker's scripting language).

I like engines. It's hard to make your own, and BYOND is a great place to build from scratch.