The way players increase their potential in this game is not through the typical slow and grinding process. In Edreoll, players must partake in Missions and Area Stages in order to improve themselves.


In your journey, you will have a journal, which keeps track of things you must do, things you have accomplished, and a small atlas of the world map. It is your personal diary for your travels.

When you speak to an NPC, or trigger any sort of event in the game, a Task might appear in your Task List. These are small goals you must complete, but will reward you with spheara, items or stat experience. Consider these to be like "Quests" in modern MMORPGs. However, many of these are usually optional and are not needed to progress.


Missions are usually very important. when you accept a mission, you are transported to an area where you must complete the stage with certain goals met. These might be dungeons, wild areas, and other dangerous places. also, Missions are the only place where you will be able to improve your abilities and stats (except for Tasks). Many Missions have time limits, but others do not.

If you happen to complete a mission successfully, the experiences for your stats and abilities will be added to your current scores, and could very well level the abilities and/or stats! You might even get special bonuses for doing Missions quickly or in a certain way. You want to achieve the most points in a Mission so that your character improves faster.

However, if you happen to lose the conditions met, or you are defeated, you will not gain any experience towards abilities or stats, and the items you have collected within will disappear. Furthermore, if you do not have any more lives (all players have a max of 3, and 3 initially), you will lose all experience in stats and abilities, and will be teleported to the Spirit Realm.


Edreoll's world is separated into other maps. In order to travel from one specific location to the other, you must first complete the stages along the way. say you need to get from one town to another. Area Stages are maps in which you must explore and achieve certain goals in order to pass. Sometimes it is defeating all enemies, and other times it could be a key. There will be quite a variety out there.

Area stages are exactly like Missions. However, these are mandatory for you to progress on the world map, or in large dungeons.

-- (Missions and Area Stages) With Groups --

It is a good idea to have a group when doing missions. That way, you can clear them a lot faster and safer. However, you can only pair with other characters whose stat levels combined are within 10 points of yours (e.g.: You:20, Them:10-30). No experience penalties are given to the number of group members in the team.

-- Mission Maps are Instanced!! --

when you make a group, your Mission's map is instanced, and is accessible only to you and your group members (Besides GMs). Map instancing means that it copies a map from a template and pastes it in the world's data, thus making a personal copy of the map for you.

I love you for doing this, I've been advocating this kind of mission-centred system for ages now. If you need help with the testing/code/math I'd like to know.
Oh. I'd definitely like the help. I'll contact you about how to connect with ZYNKCO.
Your home page link is brokenish.
I read your logo as Magus Porn
If you have to do missions to get experience it sounds like you can still end up with grinding. Instead of killing the same enemies over and over you do the same mission over and over.

You might even get special bonuses for doing Missions quickly or in a certain way.

Things like this will help. If you give the player a reason (aside from earning xp) to do a mission multiple times then it won't feel like grinding. You could have multiple difficulty settings, like Goldeneye for N64 - higher difficulty changes the mission, adds new objectives, instead of the traditional difficulty penalties (less damage done, more damage taken, etc.)

Independent games don't have to use game mechanics (like experience points) that make people feel safe and cozy, but most BYOND users fall into the trap of using these unimaginative mechanics. It's good to see someone thinking outside of the box.

I also read the image as "magus porn".