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We've been hard at work! Malice has arrived, along with a slew of new features and fixes. Here are the v1.42 update notes from the (new) NEStalgia Wiki:
  • The Malice boss encounter in the Sanctum is now available.
  • Certain daily quests (such as boss kill quests like Occularis) will no longer reset automatically. A notification menu in the Quest Log will now pop up when a character has completed daily quests that are eligible for a manual reset. Note: This change will only apply to daily quests completed post-v1.42
  • The daily quests given by Vyshon at the Sanctum now require the collection of 8 item pieces instead of 15.
  • Four new variations of the Specter daily quests in the Sanctum (one for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday) have been added.
  • The Shard cost of the Ebon set head wear and certain seeds have been reduced.
  • The escape frequency of Metal Slimes has been reduced, particularly for solo players.
  • Five new guild cape designs have been added (most based upon player submitted designs).
  • Hero of the Light Dye, Valiant Gladiator Dye, Valiant Guild Cape Dye, and Silvery Hair Dye now all feature a pure white color instead of light gray.
  • The difficulty of the Shade Crypt Knight fight has been slightly reduced.
  • Two new BYOND Medals have been added: "All in a Day's Work" and "Perfect Vision".
  • Bug Fix: A glitch with daily quests was causing the total quest count to be off by one (thus preventing players from earning the related BYOND Medal).
  • Bug Fix: Ice sliding wasn't properly closing all menus and resetting cursors.
  • Bug Fix: Party leaders could walk around with the Milestone Boost HUD open.
  • Bug Fix: Overworld spells and items could sometimes be used after a battle started, which caused glitched battles.
  • Bug Fix: Stunned/Asleep targets could sometimes dodge special moves.
  • Bug Fix: Certain skills (Inspire, Roar, etc) were not working properly for monsters.
  • Bug Fix: Occularis could still use his "hard stare" ability when asleep.
  • Bug Fix: There were some minor visual glitches with Sleep, Stun and the new Exhaust ability during the PvP Colosseum fights.

As always, many of the included changes are based upon player requests made in the Suggestions Forum. This update isn't live on all of the servers yet, but we'll be busy rolling it out over the course of the next hour or so. Have fun :)

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Damn it Silk, why do you always release these things late at night, and right when I'm about to go to sleep for work?
Evil-Inuyasha wrote:
Damn it Silk, why do you always release these things late at night, and right when I'm about to go to sleep for work?

Late at night? It's only 7pm where I'm at ;)

Long live Pacific Time!
Hey cool, I'm in the same time zone as SilkWizard. :)

In regards to NEStalgia, looking great! I'm definitely going to have to spend a long night with this game over the weekend.
I hate NEStalgia -.-"
Atol Soldier wrote:
I hate NEStalgia -.-"

Would that be because when you spammed hundreds of NEStalgia players with advertisements for you crappy DBZ rip via the pager, none of them joined it?

Or perhaps it's because said crappy DBZ rip received a C&D from FUNimation, and seeing NEStalgia on the hub is a constant reminder of why you should have developed an original game instead of stealing Intellectual Property.
Epic Update, Epic Burn, just an epic win all around.