Skin controls now have an on-size parameter which can be used to send commands whenever they are resized. No command is sent while you are dragging a splitter bar or window edge, nor in response to sizing changes made via winset().
Applies to:Dream Seeker
Status: Resolved (482)

This issue has been resolved.
Interface feature: onresize

The reason I would like this in is to update the map to detect the window size whenever it is resized, to make the map fit a bit better. the only option of doing this now is either:
A.) Run a check in intervals to detect if the window has been resized.
B,) Player requesting a sync through verb
There are a few other ways to catch it through JavaScript but this is a duplicate request.

EDIT: However, the former request seems to have disappeared.

To add to yours, onMove, onMaximize, onMinimize.
This would be a great feature to have.
Not that I'm not happy that we're finally getting something, but not sending a command when a change is made via winset() is just plain unintuitive.
The reason for not responding to winset() is to avoid infinite loops. Often one of the things you would want to do in on-size is make further size adjustments to other parts of your interface. If you keep receiving commands over and over in response to your changes, you have to put in all kinds of logic to deal with that. But if you're making size changes yourself, then you either already know what the size/splitter adjustments will be or you're already in a position to check the new sizes and make further adjustments.

Some winset() changes will actually impact this, but they're cases like where a pane is placed into a child or tab control. Generally speaking though the sorts of things that trigger on-size are meant to be from the end user only.
I can understand that. I guess what I was really thinking of though was .winset.