I often wondered what it would be like for players to get their own familiar. So hey. I think I might add them to Edreoll.

When players finish their tutorial or what have you, they are given a familiar as the reward. Now, a familiar is something very important in a player's life. You are only able to have one, but upon gaining the familiar, you are friends for life, bound to travel the world and all together.

Some awesome perks about having a familiar:

* More item space (and even more when you improve your familiar)!
* Added stat points (not levels mind you).
* A secondary method of fighting (Familiars will learn abilities and fight alongside you and your group).
* Familiar-specific missions.

Also, the familiar improves when you improve. the more you progress, so will your familiar. Feeding your familiar will also help improve it.
Familiar? Do you happen to mean Family?
No. Familiars are magical creatures that are your beloved pets - almost like another part of you. Think of Navi from Zelda.
Oh, cool.
I've never heard of it seeing as I never played a fantasy game aside from the Zelda series and FF: XII, so is it an original concept?
It's not an original concept in ORPGs, such as pets being able to add strengths to your character. In Phantasy Star Universe, you are given a MAG thingy that levels up when you feed it.