I am thinking about changing around how classes work ~ Again. It won't be much of a change though (well, maybe it will be but we will see about this). I think what I would prefer to do is allow people to choose their own paths, and make their own classes. With a set amount of points they can spend, they can branch off into any sort of field they wish. Of course it's a lot better if they stick to one specific class.

Now, this is based off the three branches you're allowed to choose from:

* Fighter
* Spellcaster
* Ranger

These classes are set. But we could now call them categories. Instead of just selectively choosing a class specifically, one begins at the very center of some sort of class board, and with the points they can then unlock new abilities pertaining to a class set.

For example, Fighters are mostly about Melee. If one decided to go all-out into a Fighter class, they'd be pretty much all set for soloing because Fighters have a lot of defensive passive abilities that back them up.

On another end of the scale, being a "Pure" Spellcaster or Ranger also has its benefits. It would be ideal for pures to group with one another so that they have access to almost all abilities together.

However, for the more mixing-type people (That's me!) sometimes some class mixing will add challenge and fun to your experience. For me, I would mostly choose Fighter/Spellcaster mixing to become a Spellsword.

Now, how exactly will these classes be balanced? when you finish a mission, you are awarded a set amount of Class Points. Furthermore, to improve a class level, you must meet the point criteria. When doing so, you will then have access to the tier of abilities corresponding to the class level (lv1 = Tier 1)

Tiers can go all the way up to 10, and for each tier, the class points required is [LV*LV*100]. At level 1, you need 100 Class Points, level 2 is 400 CP, etc.

To begin working on a class, you must speak to a trainer who can awaken your talents as a certain class. you must prove to the trainer that you have gained level 10 in the class's dependent stat (Fighter = STR, Spellcaster = MND, Ranger = MND). Upon doing so, you will unlock the first class level of that class.

When you unlock a new level in a class, you then improve your Stat Scales. Starting at 1.00 for each stat, unlocking level 1 of any class will improve its dependent stat's scale by 0.10.

Also keep in mind that you are limited to how many levels you may earn in classes. As you improve your class levels, these are accumulated in your Class Rank (a sum of all your class levels). This cannot pass 100. Similarly, each class level will add its level to the class rank when improving it (lv.1 adds 1, lv.2 adds 2...)

The level of any class goes up to 12. If one goes completely into one class, one can obtain Mastership of that class by spending the remaining 12 points into it (Mastership calls for 12 points). 78 Class points + 12 Mastering points = 100.

Mkay, I think that settles it for now. AND I really like this sort of class handling. Makes things a LOT easier on my end too.
[EDIT] By the way, to achieve most abilities, you must have certain stat levels acquired (For example one ability may call for = 10 or = 5)
78 Class points + 12 Mastering points = 100.

90, actually.
Haha, oh. Right. : P

Well it was like 8am when I wrote it. That's my excuse. I'll work on that later then.