Hello there people, this is Huey13 here. Well first of all, I would just like to say that I have matured a lot from when I first joined BYOND and I have many people to thank for that. To many people to thank so that I will just put "Friends & Family <3" ahaha. Well, I want to build a game and for this I need Coding, Iconning, and Mapping.. I can Icon okay ish and I am okay at fixing codes. I can do the Iconning and Mapping but what I really REALLy need, is a coder. It will be the first Static Shock game on BYOND and I really want it to be the business.

So! If you're a coder, page me at Huey13. That's all for now. I really want this game to work so no screw ups? I need a commitment. Don't want you if you're going to try then give up, cause I can do that on my own. :P Ty people of the BYOND Gaming World. :3 (P.S The game will be Roleplay, so yeah...)
I advise you to provide samples of your pixel art, and details on the project you wish to create.

If your art looks nice, and the concept is interesting, there's no reason not to! :)
You're making a game based on a single DC Comics Character's Cartoon series?
You're making a game based on a single DC Comics Character's Cartoon series? Milestone Comics character who was transplanted to the DC Animated Universe and then integrated into main DC continuity shortly before the Flashpoint crisis event, and now stars in one of the New 52 main comic titles.

Fixed that for you.
I doubt Huey13 knew Static Shock was a comic, I implied he was talking strictly about the cartoon series that was part of the DCAU.
I don't assume he knew or didn't know.

A lot of people don't know Static was a comic, or the important history behind the character and Milestone Comics. That's exactly why I brought it up.
Not like that history matters anymore. It's just been all erased/retcon'd/folded into the crappy new Universe.
Actually, I did know Static Shock used to be a comic, I didn't know too much about it, no. The game isn't based only on Static Schock. I mean think DC Universe. The reason why I call it static is because it's just a bit more specific. The setting will take place in Dakato and things like that. Of course there will be more than just the main superhero.
so you're saying that you expect somebody to help you program a game without even saying what the game is? Do you even know what a game is? Unless you hope to have someone program an animated series for you(don't get ideas, you don't program cartoons) then you should be more specific

Static shock, or naruto, it is all the same. without MINIMAL game-play, there is no atmosphere
TIL Lexy is a comic book nerd. :|