Teka just very recently bought me a membership, for reasons I don't quite know! It was all so very spontaneous; one minute I was not a member, the next my old member icon was floating at the top of the site.

I don't know what to say. I'm extremely grateful, but kind of guilty at the same time considering Teka's in a bit of a financial rut. Regardless, I'll try to make use of this blog. I have my old CSS still, which seems to be conflicting with BYOND's new layout so I'll have to do something about that.

In the meantime, I recommend checking a project I'm working on with a couple of talented people. You can find it here. I'm working as the main programmer as well as inputting some design suggestions. We're nearing a stable, open alpha release every day as we move along slowly. Expect to hear more from me/us in the future!

Whenever I'm not working on Fantasie, I'm working on my solo project, Space Colonies. I don't expect this one to ever be released or playable, it's just something to keep me programming and motivated to release a game. I've typed up a very long rambling about the game in the hub, don't expect it to make sense. Hopefully it's an interesting read, however.
Yes you did. ;)
Only if you pay me $50.
do you take debit
I only take cold, hard cash or services that are equivalent to $50 USD.

ur games stupid it no got narutos
El Wookie wrote:
ur games stupid it no got narutos

wtf, why are we in space?
Dinomaster45 wrote:
wtf, why are we in space?

DATS WAT I WANTED 2 KNO! IS STUPID!!!!!1!1!1one!11
That's what SHE said.
they faceless
They have eyes, but their hairs are partially blocking them. Also, the hairs are black and the pupils are black too, and sometimes the hair overlaps the pupils.
your new CSS(assuming it's new, it is since the last time i saw this page) looks real nice