First off, sorry to all of you who have been missing the Resource Center. The crashing issue is an extremely evasive bug. BYOND staff and myself haven't been able to narrow down the cause.

I'm determined to get the RC back online so I'm ripping through my code and removing a couple things which were suspect.

I also added a new function which is now purging old user accounts. I actually ran into some interesting numbers while doing this.

The RC had 1394 unique user (names) come and go since late last year.

It only has 30 members which are of private rank or higher.

This next set of numbers surprised me a little. Keep in mind, the RC has been offline most of the last month so the numbers are a little lower than they should be.

Unique users who haven't returned in 90+ days: 313
Unique users who haven't returned in 60+ days: 128
Unique users who haven't returned in 30+ days: 399
Unique users who have visited in last 30 days: 554

The 313 90+ day users were purged.

Please be a little more patient with the RC as it works past this little speed bump. The server is up and running. It takes anywhere from 1 minute and upwards of 2 days to crash which is part of the reason why it's so hard to find. You can help out by logging in and out often and also hanging out for hours at a time. If the server manages to stay up for the week, feature work will resume.
It's not that RC is bad or anything, it's the content hosted on it. The art section in particular needs some form of quality control.
There isn't that much art and the majority of it is decent with a few questionable items. The art actually does very well. Several people have made 20-40$ on their art sales over the last couple of months.

I did plant some bad art (tree/bush) intentionally to show that "yes, you can do better". I may remove it since its not really having any impact.

Good News. The RC made it through the night. That's the half way point as far as things go.
Still going strong! :)
My Unlocks are gone and my silver was reset to 25 when I had about $20 worth before.
magicbeast20, please send your email address to so I can review your account.