I wanna announce that Berlin2222 will continue his Naruto game called Naruto: Next Generation, Most of us know what happend to that game, for the people that don't know let me explain....

Lil Story:

When NNG was up, The Owner Berlin2222 got tricked by a boy named Youko a.k.a. Cyberlord. Youko got the NNG source and leaked it. After that NNG went down...After almost a year Berlin got motivated and gonna continue NNG 2.0

We asked Berlin if he needs help and shit...Now my developing team will help Berlin with NNG 2.0! But of course we will still continue Kingdoms of Honor !

I know most people don't care :P
But some of the people liked the game and wanted the game up so that's why this post.

This will maybe take a couple weeks!


Sorry for my bad english.
Not another naruto game! You and your team should ditch NNG and work on that Kindgoms of Honor.
o.o I never knew people would really be intrested in KoH, But it's not "another naruto game" because this game was online a long time ago :p, But don't worry, KoH is still my main Project because it's my school project aswell! :D
lol *not another Naruto game*.

It's one of the Better Naruto games and one which is well known throughout Byond and has probably the most rip's spawned from it at the moment.

Anyway, i have spoke with Berlin on Msn recently and this seems to be true.

I admire him for deciding to continue work on his game which was so badly leaked, And i'm glad to see him back as well, and i hope he can update this game in the correct way (unlike the rips which have their versions of updates).

I wish you the best of luck and hope you can aid Berlin with this.

I could have sworn he was working on a DBZ edit of his NNG project. Must have dumped it.
Branks wrote:
I could have sworn he was working on a DBZ edit of his NNG project. Must have dumped it.

Well, Since that incident with FUNimation, He kinda gave up on his DBZ game. To be honest, I was kinda excited about that game :(
Lol, yeah... I'm sure FUNimation cared so much about a mediocre looking DBZ game on BYOND. Hilarious.
I actually feel bad for Berlin. For some asshole to do that. This should be a lesson on to trust only certain people and that not everyone in the world is so trustworthy or kind as you'd like them to be.