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Even tiny updates are important! As we work on NEStalgia we'll be releasing minor changes and fixes for the live servers with small updates like v1.43 while simultaneously working on the "big stuff". Here are the v1.43 update notes from the NEStalgia Wiki:
  • All servers have been upgraded to BYOND 481. Players should download the latest BYOND release here:
  • All spells/items that cure Sleep and Confuse (Alarm Clocks, Dream, Soothe, Vivify, Roar and Sanity) will now trigger Focused status in battle.
  • A Shade Compass that can be used to track the Shade's location in the overworld is now available from one of the Sanctum vendors located in the entrance area.
  • The Battle Master set gear pieces at the Colosseum have been given slightly higher stats.
  • Bug Fix: Incomplete daily quests that had pre-requisite quests were not being deleted from the quest log when dailies were reset.
  • Bug Fix: Tiles on phased doors could occasionally display visual glitches.
  • Bug Fix: Leech was only doing 1 damage Malice's physical form.
  • Bug Fix: A glitch was allowing players on Guest Keys to save their characters. ''Note: If you are one of those players, we will help you transfer your characters over to a real BYOND Key. Please email us at or private message BenM on the forums.''

As of v1.43, our new rule against multi-boxing is now in effect. For the 5 or 6 of you who multi-box: you can still access your characters on your alternate keys, but we will no longer allow you to have them logged in at the same time. We'll work to merge your characters into a single savefile in the coming week (more on that later).

Coming up tomorrow evening will be another episode on our new NEStalgia Podcast, this time featuring a guest NEStalgia player who will be conducting a Q&A session with us based upon questions submitted by the community. Should be a great episode - be sure to check back tomorrow!

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Can't wait for the podcast!
Even though I don't play the game, it still makes me happy seeing a BYOND game so successful.
That and podcasts are always fun. ;)
Thanks! We're certainly happy that NEStalgia has been so successful too ;)

The podcast is a lot of fun to make, and it's great to have such a large audience for it. There is also no shortage of things to talk about, so putting out episodes on a regular basis should be a piece of cake.
Am I the aforementioned guest player?