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Hey everyone that know about this place. I thought I would cover some of the updates to RP Unlimited that are actually working right now. being there is a lot planned but as most you know my knowledge of code is limited so I am trying to do what I can and fulfill the requests within my power.

So for one I have works on some bug fixes. First off the Red bar and Blue bar both work now with out player powers, the OOC only error is fixed and being a clean up the Player_OOC command is removed for a more functional OOC.

Second Bug being fixed is being Alpha'd but I know when a lot of people had bad net and logging on and off. It would replace or corrupt the save. this the new version the auto-save will not active until after you load data or create new. Speaking of which, you know have an option to load the backup data from start up, (No more creating new then load backup.)

Forum bugs are trying to be cleaned up by a co-coder. Mostly being the size of the forum (and I got the code form him.) I recruited him to the team to take care of it.

Now for some of the big stuff. First and for most players have noticed we will have an Title when you log in. This was to get rid of all the pop-up and give more of a professional look. Being I wanted to do this for a while, I thought it would be good since most people where annoyed with the pop-up and now your RP setting and Load commands come in the same package.

1.4 is also being a big security update. The administration system I reworked to function a little better, as I have been fighting to fix the commands to remove powers and that. More so trying to make life easier on Owners of there Role-plays with a few added tools.

The first tool is the new and been kept a lid on until now, Administration window. This is an OOC/IC mixed window giving Admins the information they need on all players. This include things like NPC ownership, Extra Information Attached to your log on, and otherwise things players don't need flooding there screen as the RP. Mainly this was requested to me a long while ago and more just putting tools already in function from previous versions into automation so they work now with every post to the eyes of the administration of your server.

The second tool is still in Alpha being trying to get the kinks out. But in future terms you will be able to password your servers. More to allow hosts to lock servers when developing a system or story but still have it on the hub to be found by there development teams. This is one of the few things coming in. The other two is the black list function that will prevent keys from log-in on, (But will be outside the bans saves so you can clear bans but still keep your black list) And your white list. The white list will be to work to give player commands to the keys added or listed. Or as a development tool to lock the server except for approved Keys. Mostly this set of tools is more for the host to control there gateways into the server.

The third little thing is for Player and Administration alike. Being in the past we had heavy reliance with the in game forum for multiple characters. Being we did have an create NPC command but in essence you still needed a character sheet for these other major characters. The new set up is the addition of the PC or Player Character. These character will have the default character sheet attached so approved players can make multiple character. For you Admins, these character as PC will have an approval tag on the character, so if the character is unapproved. It will not be playable until you approve the character for the story or if people try to cheat, you can unapproved the character blocking it again. In hopes this will return the NPC command to be what it should be for. Short term non-player character likes random person 255a or so on. This is also refixed as your Game Masters or Story runners are set to not be bound by NPC limit. This means in short. If you don't want people having NPCs except those in charge. They will not be allowed this privilege.

Now sadly some of you in our betas will notice we got rid of the command tab we used for dice and that. Sad to see it go but we moved all the commands to a single command under player commands. We also made it so your common use commands like Make NPC and Make PC are macro'd now. More so this was done to limit the number of tabs a player is required to use down to two. This being the log ons and the commands. Please understand this is more so you don't have to keep hunting commands for something as now for single character users all your commands will be under the same tab.

Otherwise in small additions, there is now a color guide built in with hex code so you can see the colors before you select them. some more minor error fixes just to make the program run a bit better. And more so everything is coming along.

Up and coming I and working on trying to get a book system for use on the world settings, for possible multiple page world settings that would allow people to use this function for making a players guide or rule book for more complex RP settings. Otherwise hopes the forum will look better as well.

Well thanks for the support and please comment. I am trying to build RP Unlimited for those that use it as well. I do have a personal forum for my projects which is at but if you drop a line here as well. I will try and see what I can do. As for the world filter I am looking into that. So bare with me and hopefully RP Unlimited will have a better and brighter future.

(Note: Do not post here about how someone needs to lose rights to there server because of hosting abuse, There is a place to post your complaints and it is not here, please contact me as I requested.)