In the last few weeks i have seen a few games that seem to be the same thing i am doing and i don't want my idea taken as a fan game or remake or anything else.So I will be stoping monkey mayhem and work on a new idea and new concept for something else.
Theys are the games im am takeing about nickelodeon-evolves-a-new-monkey-mmo/

Well in other news I am starting a Dev. Team

We are looking for:
Pixle Artist any skill lvl:Open

Coders any skill lvl:open

GFX any skill lvl:open


So just leave a post here if you like to join or IM me


I wanted this game so badly!

Hmm, Call it.. The Chaotic Wild.

Have your monkey fight all sorts of evil creatures and give it item pickups which give the ability to turn into things:

Like Gorilla's which can smash the environment and cause heavy damage.
Apes which would be able to climb better and have longer reach for better movement and longer damage range.
Orangutans which would be smart and be able to throw objects better and jump behind enemy's.
maybe something like that lol

I will personally see to it, That it does not become classed as a fan game if you can rename it, Since this does appear to be your original idea and your the one telling us about the possible clashing games it does seem that you shouldn't need to change your game to fit around another game which is apparently similar.

Also DD when typing posts: look for the words which have red lines underneath them and right click them, there should be a spell checker hopefully, well that's what i use anyway lol, since you often spell on the same level as i would - without the spell checker.
Theys are the games im am takeing about- should be.
These are the games that i am talking about.

Where are you from?
Pssh, I saw that error, Teka. "Thees". XD
Mm changing the name and changing my idea a bit can work as long as it don't get mixed up as a fan game or a remake I'm fine with that. I will keep production going then thanks teka I just got so down when i saw all these other games, but your right that should not make me stop making something i have worked hard on.

And Im from Alabama
hey im a an okay coder and a slightly bad pixel artist i will help with a game
The alliteration makes "Monkey Mayhem" an obvious choice for a name of something that has anything to do with monkeys. It's a generic enough name that a similarity to an existing game wouldn't mean that yours is a fan game.

Also, the video of "manic monkey mayhem" looks terrible. A game where you stand on pedestals and throw bananas at monkeys? That sounds like a terrible game. Your game would have it beat no problem.
thanks guys and laser dog thanks for the offer but i may have a coder