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Well here comes issue #2.
Since #1 didn't go down too badly!, I'll suggest two anime which i previously spoke about in my previous post in the comments.

Action, Mystery, Supernatural.

This story follows three school friends, A skilled information broker, An incredibly strong Bar tender as well as a headless woman and and an awesome sushi chef(and some gang's).

There are some very notable and admiration worthy characters in this anime, It plays the part of telling each persons story individually until they all start to cross each others paths until they all end up knowing each other.

The plot ends with some terrible misunderstanding due to them not revealing their secrets and really could have been avoided but other than that it's quite confusing and quite fun.

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Action, Mystery, Supernatural.

As far as confusing Anime go, This one sure starts you off in the middle of some mayhem you really need to keep watching to get your head around it.

It's theme is around the Mafia sometime around 1930's - 1940's, But the thing with this anime is that it would be focusing on something happening in 1938 with one character then drop back to a different character in 1936 and do this all the way threw with several main characters until their story's all start coming together and you see everything unravel and make sense.

With immortal mafia member's, A potentially unseen God, A nearly immortal terrifying assassin, A comedy duo, A sadistic mafia member and a kid who cry's before he get's into fights this anime is very well made and is well worth a watch if you want something to think about and enjoy.


Well, I think these posts are going alright.

And where is Elfen Lied?
EL is the only anime I ever watched in it's entirety.
lol, Hey i'm only doing 2 anime at a time, I've got at least another 50 post's to do, don't worry Nana will be included.

(I may do some larger posts with 3, 4 or 5 anime if i decide upon a relevance to display them all at once.)
Elfen Lied rocks. So does Tears to Tiara. Do something on those two.
Okay, sweet. (:
I'll probably watch one or two of these since my trip to S. Carolina is delayed. (:
Ok, looks like my huge list of anime under my belt fell short and has not seen tears to tiara,
I'll have to watch that then!
Elfen Lied is dreadful to watch with its sub-par animation, voice acting and plot. The English dub is just as bad as the Japanese. The only thing I can compliment it on is its consistent color usage. The artwork is also consistent but the art itself is rather trite.
Watching Baccano! now. I am really enjoying it. On episode 10 currently.
Glad to hear it ;)